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How to Draw Kid Buu

Kid Buu is a villain in the anime show Dragonball Z best recognized by his pink body, the antenna on his head and the holes located on each side of his antenna and both his arms. Kid Buu is the smaller version of Majin Buu, and is known as Buu’s original form. He is also the more reckless of the other Buu’s and only lives to destroy things. Kid Buu was created by an evil warlock named Bibbidi about 5 million years before the start of Dragonball somewhere deep in space. Buu’s main goal was to destroy and concur the entire universe, but failed after Bibbidi is killed. Majin Buu was sealed away and hidden on earth, until Bobbidi, the son of Bibbidi resurrects Majin Buu to resume his father’s work.

Kid Buu first appears in episode 261 (episode 276 in the uncut version of Dragonball Z) titled Evil Kid Buu. He appears after Goku and Vegeta rescue their friends and family from inside Super Buu. Kid Buu appears in about 16 Dragonball z episode which ends with his defeat at the hands of Super Saiyan Goku and his Spirit bomb. Buu is later reincarnated as a human boy named Uub, who later mentors with Goku.

Majin Buu and Kid Buu also Appear in 31 of the Dragonball Z video games.
You can watch these and all the Dragonball Z episodes on, Netflix, Amazon, and you can even check your local library for the DVD and Manga.

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