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How to draw a picture of a Siberian Husky

Colored pencil drawings are ideal for artists of all ability levels who want to create personalized pet art. Lady dog was a Siberian Husky that I was fortunate to know for fourteen years, and I was devastated when she passed away in 2007. At the time I decided to commemorate her legacy by creating a memorial drawing in pencil, but that was not enough for me. Recently, I decided to created a colored pencil drawing of Lady dog since I still think about my beloved canine each day. Here is how the colored pencil drawing of the Siberian Husky was created from start to finish:

Creating the outline illustration of the Siberian Husky.
Creating the outline illustration of the Siberian Husky.
Illustration by Julia Hanna
A colored pencil drawing of the Siberian Husky Lady dog.
Colored pencil illustration by Julia Hanna

Step 1:

A reference photograph of Lady curled up in a ball was used for this art project.

Step 2:

A pencil was used to draw an outline sketch of Lady dog.

Step 3:

The details on Lady were refined until a satisfactory result was achieved.

Step 4:

Burnt sienna, reddish brown, and light brown colored pencils were used to sketch in the fur of Lady's mask.

Step 5:

The same colors were used to fill in the fur along Lady's back and her legs.

Step 6:

A white colored pencil was used to burnish the lighter portions of Lady dog's fur.

Step 7:

Chocolate brown, sepia, and white Prismacolor pencils were used to burnish the grain on the wall behind Lady dog. This brand of colored pencils are phenomenal for blending, so I used these in conjunction with my bargain brand colored pencils. In the future I will invest in a large set of Prismacolor pencils, but for the meantime I want to use up the rest of my other pencils.

Step 8:

A sienna brown colored pencil was used to create the tiles beneath Lady, and a chocolate brown colored pencil was used to draw in the grout lines around the tile. Drawing in the tiles was the most enjoyable part of this illustration, for some reason.

Step 9:

A frame from a second hand store was selected to display the drawing of Lady dog. I like to swap out my old colored pencil drawings for the new ones I have created, which is how I keep the art on the walls of my home interesting and ever-changing.

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