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How to draw a palm tree

Summer is approaching and we often associate palm trees with balmy days. What if you are on the budget and cannot afford to buy palm tree art, or perhaps you would just prefer to explore your creative side by creating our own palm-inspired art. Drawing a picture of a palm tree is quite enthralling, and taking reference photographs of local palms can serve as inspiration for a drawing. The steps below outline how the palm tree art pictured here was created from start to finish.

Drawing a palm tree with colored pencils.
Drawing a palm tree with colored pencils.
Palm tree drawing by Julia Hanna.
This palm tree was drawn with colored pencils.
Colored pencil drawing of a palm tree by Julia Hanna.

Step 1:

Take a reference photograph of a palm tree.

Step 2:

Use the photograph as inspiration for drawing a palm tree.

Step 3

Color the fronds with dark green and light green colored pencils.

Step 4:

Color in the trunk of the palm tree with a gray colored pencil.

Step 5:

Use a blue colored pencil to shade in the sky surrounding the palm tree.

Step 6:

Select a frame to put the palm tree art in.

Step 7:

Hang the palm tree art on the wall to enjoy.

Take a look at the slide-show and the video below to see how the palm tree drawing evolved from start to finish.

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