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How to draw a leprechaun step by step: Learning to draw for kids

Intro: If your child wants to learn how to draw a leprechaun step by step, you'll want to pass this tutorial on to him or her. It's definitely drawing for beginners and the beginning of a creative odyssey. Learning to draw is one of life's great pleasures. It's a gift to the self.

If you're looking for creative crafts for kids for St. Patrick's Day or fun things to do on spring break, drawing tutorials like this one provide you with an excellent place to start.

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Art Projects for Kids

Although I've drawn all my life, I can say now with experience that kids will often want to learn to draw, because they are drawing a subject that they like. That's why I'm a big fan of learning how to draw leprechauns or any other kind of holiday figure. Drawing in a thematic way like this helps your kids participate in the holidays in a very real way.

It's like any other creative crafts for kids. Your kids will participate in this activity the degree to which they care about the subject.

How to Draw Leprechauns Step by Step -- A Few Pointers

  1. The teacher in this video draws with a marker. If your child finds this too intimidating, it's Ok to draw with a pencil. On the other hand, he or she may feel just fine with the marker. It's important to allow children to explore drawing and the different kinds of drawing materials.
  2. Notice how the artist uses some basic shapes. Learning to draw means in part that you can see the basic underlying shapes of an object. For example, both the top of the leprechaun's hat and the buckle on his hat are basically squares. Understanding how to draw a leprechaun step by step starts with seeing these basic shapes as the building blocks of the drawing. Read more about drawing with basic shapes here.
  3. If you need leprechaun pictures to act as reference drawings, check out my article on FREE leprechaun coloring pages. While your kids can color these pages, they can also use them to improve their drawing skills.

Things to do for Kids for St. Patrick's Day

Throughout the time leading up to St. Patrick's Day, I'll be looking for drawing tutorials that I can pass on of other leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day items.

Below, you'll find a list of books and artist starter materials that I've found helpful as I've improved my own drawing.

Drawing books for kids: Step by Step Guides

How to Draw (Dover How to Draw)

How to Draw Pets (Dover How to Draw)

How to Draw Faces (Dover How to Draw)

And for more advanced artists, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is my all-time favorite!

Drawing/ art supply kits

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