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How to dominate competitors in your local market

Dominate competitors in your local economy
Dominate competitors in your local economy

Time and time again, business owners, particularly those new to the world of entrepreneurship, are accosted by marketing firms promising global exposure and national brand competition.

While this type of visibility can’t hurt, it certainly isn’t maximizing the potential of your business or brand within the local market, a place where the vast majority of your financial success will typically occur during the first phases of growth of development and beyond.

Because of the lack of attention placed upon local presence by many (but not all) PR firms, dominating your local market can be accomplished without an obscene financial investment! Here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to help you improve your market visibility and become the “it” business in your local marketplace. Good luck!

Tactic #1: Trade Links Frequently, But Be Selective

It’s common knowledge that the internet is the “place to be” for new businesses hoping to leverage their investment in marketing. Because of this, link swapping, particularly with businesses in similar industries, is a powerful and affordable tool for companies looking to expand their presence within their industry while simultaneously making beneficial connections with other business owners in the area.

This type of “backlinking” can also help you get your website noticed by the internet’s major search engines. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an absolute must when it comes to dominating the internet realm. When other websites post your links online, you’re almost guaranteed to receive beneficial SEO points on all of the current algorithmic ranking tools.

Note: Just be careful who you trade links with. Make sure they are relevant and that the business you’re link swapping with has integrity, their site isn’t spammy and they are someone you’d want to associate your business name with.

Tactic #2: Become A Guru

The best way to convince someone to enlist your help is by showing them that you’re an expert in your field. Although this may not be so difficult to do in smaller markets, it can also prove to be an extremely slow process in more competitive arenas. It’s in your best interest to create opportunities that place your business and your brand in the spotlight. This can be accomplished using a variety of methods, including:

Sponsoring social, industry events
• Hosting educational seminars / meetings
• Contributing to local blogs / newspapers
• Donating time and energy to local business endeavours

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Tactic #3: Know Your Market

If you truly are invested in making a powerful impression on your local clientele, it’s extremely important that you know everything about them. By carefully dissecting the social / spending habits of your customer base, you will know exactly how/where/when to market to them. Remember, an advertisement is only as effective as visibility. Unless you’re speaking to your audience in a language they understand in places that they frequent, you’ll never achieve the results you desire.

Tactic #4: Learn From The Best

No matter what business you’re in, there is a good chance that someone out there does what you do better than you currently can. Although this could prove to be a source of frustration, successful business owners quickly recognize when they are outmatched and learn everything they can from their competitor.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking you’re “on top” in your local marketplace. Always pay attention to the actions of your colleagues, and assimilate all available knowledge about both their successes and failures. If anything, this information will help prepare you for a variety of trials that may lie ahead.

These are just a few of the topics that are covered in the highly acclaimed Media Moguls Seminar Series (more information here). Business owners who are passionate about jumpstarting their success can learn a variety of new marketing skills and techniques from some of the industry’s most experienced professionals at the next seminar on July 17 in Salt Lake City.

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