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How to document delight directed learning on a transcript

The HomeScholar
The HomeScholar
The HomeScholar

Yes you can include delight directed learning on your home-school high school transcript! What is delight directed learning? Anything that your child does for fun; anything that is one of their passions. All you have to do is count or estimate the hours they spend on it.

Think about what your child spends all their time on. If your child is into cars and tinkers with them all the time, you can give them an auto mechanics credit. Perhaps they're always playing basketball or football, or always swimming. You can award them a PE credit for that physical activity. Whatever your child is doing for fun, make sure you include it on your homemade home-school high school transcript.

Record each course name on your transcript and award a grade. If your child spends about 75 hours on their passion in a year, then it’s going to be a half a credit. If they spend more time, around 120 – 180 hours, then it will be a full credit. But if your child spends less than 75 hours, you can still keep track of it. If you do that with all of your child’s delight directed learning, then you can combine some of it. Brainstorm and think about how the activities might be connected. Say your child spends 40 hours in a first aid class, 40 hours riding their bike, and 40 hours swimming in one year. Combine these three activities into one full credit PE class. Something like dance could be counted as part of a fine arts credit or as PE. Throughout the year, just jot it all down, whether it’s on sticky notes or in a binder and include it on the transcript.

Enjoy collecting those credits and remember to update that home-school high school transcript every year!