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How to do online traffic school and what they don't tell you

Obey or pay
Obey or pay

Last year, sometime, I got a moving violation. I'm trying to remember what the heck I did. After a few extensions on payment, payment, then getting the final extension that came automatically with $64 fee for requesting traffic school at the courts, the memory still won't reveal itself. OH yeah, it was on Culver Blvd., in Culver City, I drove through an intersection on yellow/red and a moto-cop was there waiting. Ticket hot-spot? Yep. I wonder how many accidents they get over there, at the freeway underpass... I wonder.

Anyway, yeah, so I went off to search online for a traffic school (in the final few days before the traffic school papers were scheduled due to the Santa Monica Superior Court traffic division), and that smart Google search engine had an appealing site at the top marquee. My wife "attended" traffic school about a year ago and reported to me that she remembered spending about $30 so I was determined to beat that. Here is where more information was needed. Such bland details of inane, loathed, bland activities such as making a ticket go away don't get shared enough, and for understandable reasons; this might have been one such instance of detail derailment. It is not done intentionally.

The site I landed on offers an Internet Course for a mere $13.50! Log in and out all you want, it will keep your place. Sure they offer the Streaming Video course for $29.95 and the E-Workbook edition for $24.95, but my mouth was watering, how much worse could the timed version be? $13.50? Sure the SV and EW editions offer self-timing, it didn't convince me. Rookie mistake.

The "basic" version is timed for 6 hours and 40 minutes. I completed the reading and mini-quizzes that prepare "students" for the final exam in 13 minutes which left 6 hours and 27 minutes to go through and re-read all the materials. Or upgrade to one of the self-timed tests. Well, my hopes may have been dashed, but not before I answered a survey at the conclusion of the testing. The overall experience was much less painful than I had thought, and had I known how that whole timing thing worked I probably would have exercised my options a little more swiftly and had the whole process over and done with in an hour.

Overall, I give GoToTrafficSchool very high marks for offering an easy to use program that allows the driver's training course to be taken quickly and easily. And for a low cost if you're willing to learn (or relearn) driving safety like a pro, but I know you have better things to do with your time. That being the case, this was my response to the final field of the survey:

Comments, suggestions, recommendations:

Please make it clear to potential clients of your true pricing strategy. Your advertisements are a little mischievous, though I would not consider them to be entirely misleading. If you "don't know what I'm talking about," please compare this suggestion with those of your other customers and if I'm alone on this concern, I will stand corrected. Please try to be an upstanding business, with upstanding character and ethics with the hopes your company will really be doing a service to people stuck in a system that is already annoying (i.e.: DMV). Sure, in today's competitive world market that exists online, certain actions must be executed to help maximize your bottom line. OK, we get it. You are a good business operation. Why don't you expand on those principals, and make more modern, and ultimately more effective long-run choices that will make a positive difference for you and your customers. Kill them with honesty. Thank you.


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