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How to do keyword research for your blog in 1 minute

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If you want to be found on the internet, your blog needs to utilize keywords people are searching for. Learning this information about your potential customers may seem daunting or time consuming, but keyword research is easy - once you know how.

How to do keyword research for your blog in 1 minute

Google Keyword Planner is considered the go-to source for keyword research. The Keyword Planner is a great tool, but it has some downsides. To use Keyword Planner, you have to have an Adwords account and be logged in. The suggestions given by Keyword Planner are also closely related to one another, so it’s not the best way to find unique and interesting keyword ideas.

Find Keywords in less than 2 seconds

Start your research with Soovle shows trending searches in real time from multiple search engines at once. You can type in your topic and have keyword results from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and more in less than 2 seconds. Another similar tool is, which gives you long tail keywords on your topic from A-Z.

Borrow keywords from advertisements

The simple way to discover keyword phrases is searching for your topic on Google and Bing. Look closely at search engine advertisements and use their phrasing. These advertisements are optimized for the best possible click through rate, so borrowing from them is a great way to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

Social networking sites are a keyword gold mine

Finally, search on Reddit, Wikipedia, Quora, and Yahoo Answers for your topic. There are a wealth of keywords and ideas to be explored.

Example - "Dry Ice" Business

Let’s say you run a business selling dry ice and want to blog about your product in order to increase awareness and sales. To start, head over to and enter “dry ice."

Next, visit and do the same thing.

Type "dry ice" and keywords like "buy dry ice" and "purchase dry ice online" directly into Google and Bing. There are some search engine advertisements to obtain content from:

Dry Ice, Ice Sculptures, Block Ice, Party Ice

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Lastly, looking at some of the topics posted on Wikipedia, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit, there you'll find many keywords and questions:

Keywords: applications, scientific, industrial blast cleaning, commercial, flash freeze, plumbers, density


How is dry ice produced commercially?
What happens if you ingest dry ice?
What are some neat tricks to do with dry ice?
How can you make dry ice at home?
Where can I buy dry ice in Cleveland?
Why use dry ice instead of really cold water ice?
How long does it take dry ice to melt?
Cool party ideas with dry ice
How to handle dry ice
What does dry ice do?
What is a dry ice bomb?
Where to buy drive ice from?

And there you have it! In 1 minute or less, you can access hundreds of relevant keywords and questions from potential customers to use on your blog, website, or search engine ads.

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