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How to do a smoky metallic eye

Topshop Eyeshado in Silver Sand, $14
Topshop Eyeshado in Silver Sand, $14

I recently tried Topshop makeup for the first time and loved it. I discovered I can do a very sexy metallic smoky eye using Eyes by Topshop in Silver Sand and Topshop Cream Eyeshadow in Heavy Metal.

I applied the Silver Sand eyeshadow first. It’s a subtle shimmery silver that went on smooth and stayed put the entire day. I then lined my upper lid with the Heavy Metal cream eyeshadow. It’s a darker, grayer silver that added sparkle and perfectly complemented the shimmery silver. I used black eyeliner on my lower lash line and waterline, finished with black mascara, and voila! An easy metallic smoky eye. (Easy as in “level of difficulty,” not…you know. Availability.)

Only recently available in the U.S. since they opened their New York store in 2009, Topshop makeup is available to us non-Big Apple folk online, at


(By the way, they are slated to open a second store in Chicago in the fall of 2011. Only an hour by plane from Columbus, ya’all!!)