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How to do a burnout in your Ford Fiesta ST

When you think of the Ford Fiesta, images of fuel economy, green technology, and environment-savvy hipsters is what is typically imagined. However, thanks to Ford's latest Fiesta featuring the ST trim (turbocharged 1.6 liter EcoBoost), the Fiesta is quickly achieving supreme tuner fan-boy status.

Video: Chrome Ford Fiesta ST performs massive burnout

You don't need to be Ken Block to do a burnout in your Fiesta ST, but you do need to chain the car to something heavy in order to perform a "brake stand". Why you may ask? Ford engineered the e-brake to not produce enough force to completely hold the car as a way to provide an extra form of hill assist for starting on extremely steep surfaces.

In addition to the perfectly engineered e-brake, the Fiesta ST also offers an ECU hill-start feature which keeps the brakes engaged for a split second until the clutch grabs and starts to move the car forward. It isn't about being a buzz kill, it is about making the car as easy to drive as possible.

Want to do a burnout in your Fiesta ST? Follow these simple steps!

  1. Chain car to something heavy and inanimate. We used a tractor.
  2. Raise e-brake as high as you can.
  3. Hold traction control button down for five seconds until the car says its fully disabled. (Watch for the loading bar to complete!)
  4. Put car in first gear.
  5. Take right foot, and put accelerator to the floor and wait for engine to hit roughly 4,000 RPM's under load.
  6. Drop the clutch
  7. Wait for RPM's to hit 6,000 then slam the gear selector into second.
  8. Hold in second gear for as long as you want.

Tip: Plan ahead! If you do this long enough, the car will overheat and shut itself down before damage can be done (thanks to Ford's awesome engineering, you can't actually hurt this motor by overheating!). Once the car shuts itself down, a check engine light will appear. The car will start but the accelerator will be disabled thanks to drive-by-wire. You can feather the clutch in first gear at idle speed and get maybe 5 mph out of the vehicle, but its best to just have an OBD II scanner handy to read and clear the code. Once the code is cleared, you're back in action!

After doing this massive burnout, we put another 15,000 highway miles on the car with no problem. No leaks, no issues, nothing. Thanks to a Getrag tranny and a Ford tough EcoBoost motor, you can hoon the new Fiesta ST without remorse. Good job Ford!

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