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How to develop a positive classroom environment

Examples of Pictures to start the classroom experience
Examples of Pictures to start the classroom experience

When starting the class each week it is good to start with something positive. Affirmations or quotes are good to motivate the students to give 100%. Empowering the students is key to success in the class as a whole. If the students feel safe in their learning environment then the students will retain more.

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The slideshow is an example of some of the pictures that you can start you class off with to get the students motivated. These are good conversation starters to get the students empowered in their learning. The students must make an investment in their learning for success to happen. If the students feel invested in then they will follow suit and invest in themselves. The professor controls that part of the environment and is responsible to make is positive at all times.

Use the examples in the slideshow and others to motivate and empower the students to success!