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How to detoxify your body through the feet

Detox Through the Feet
Detox Through the Feet

Soaking as a means of restoring the body and mind, is quite possibly as ancient as the earliest cave drawings and certainly as old as the tradition of visiting hot springs, also known as geysers or mineral springs. From Bath, England, to Geyserville, California, people have trekked to these fountains of youth, in hopes of rejuvenating the body and soul. The healing powers of soaking in mineral baths have been revered the world over and for those who may not have the ability to make a pilgrimage to a natural spring, they can enjoy many of the same benefits of doing so, by indulging in a detoxifying foot bath or using detoxifying foot pads.

Foot detoxing can help cleanse the body of built-up toxins accumulated in the system and is considered one of the safest ways to do so. There are many types of foot detoxifications, such as foot detox pads and spas. You can even make your own foot detox from simple ingredients readily available at most health food stores (typically tree and bamboo extracts), or even from ingredients found in your own kitchen.

Foot detox pads

Typically foot pads are applied before you go to sleep and removed in the morning. Usually pads will appear visibly darkened, as a result of the toxins removed from your body overnight. Benefits of using foot detox pads include: less fatigue, joint pain, and fewer headaches.

How ionic detox foot baths work

Ionic detox foot baths ionize warm saltwater through the process of electrolysis. As your feet relax in the warm water, which opens the pores of your feet, the saltwater works to reduce inflammation and cleanse the feet. Ions created by the electrolysis are absorbed in the process, which support the detoxification of your system. One common misperception is that the change in the water’s color occurs as a result of the toxins released, when in fact it is due to the reaction between the salt and the ionic cartridge.

Common questions about foot pads

Why are the foot pads worn on the feet?

Feet help circulate blood and lymph into the torso. Our sedentary lifestyle works against this natural pumping action, causing circulation to bog down around the ankles, lower legs and feet.

Can the detox foot pads be worn elsewhere body?

Yes. The feet are the believed to be the best place, but benefits can be obtained from wearing foot detox patches elsewhere on the body, such as over painful and/or swollen areas. For best results, apply them to a blood-rich spot, such as the extremities (e.g., hands, feet, backs of knees, temple, neck and spine).

How long should I expect to wear the detox foot pads before I am fully detoxed?

This is not a one-shot deal. To reap the full rewards of a lymphatic detoxing program will take approximately one month or 30 days, for the average person. For those with chronic illness, it will likely take longer.

What if I don't see anything in my detox foot pads?

While it might be expected to assume this is due to excellent health, the more likely reason is because the individual has a sluggish lymphatic system and/or poor circulation. In this case, it is advisable to wear pads during the day (or an hour or two before bedtime, while you are still moving around), to obtain greater benefit (Source: "How to Detox Through Your Feet," Gaiam Life,

Patty Yale is the author of this article about detoxifying your body through the feet. She has worked in a health industry for a number of years and collected sources from to write this article. Feel free to connect with her over at Google+.

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