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How to Determine if you Need A Wardrobe Consultant

Author: Danielle Snagg

Do you have a closet full of clothes but cannot seem to find anything to wear? Do you find it extremely difficult to accessorize the clothing items that you own? Do you have a set number of clothing items that you hit the repeat button on with respect to the rest of your wardrobe being constantly neglected? If any of the scenarios mentioned above describe you, you just might be in a clothing rut. Be sure to contact personal shopping services immediately! They will assist you with all your fashion needs from head to toe.

Have you neglected to update your look in a few years? Has it been so long since you last shopped that you cannot remember the last time you made a new clothing purchase? If this sounds like you, you definitely need a wardrobe consultant. Life can become very busy especially when you have responsibilities or a family to take care of. If you don’t have the time to spend a whole day at the department store trying to figure out what you like and what compliments you best, hire a knowledgeable fashion expert from My Image Expert to show you how to make the best clothing purchases for you and your lifestyle.

The world of fashion can be a very confusing and overwhelming place. To your advantage there are wardrobe and image professionals at My image Expert that can help you with this huge undertaking. Knowing what clothing to wear to compliment your body shape and what accessories you should wear to complete your look can be a daunting task. Understanding what makeup colors compliment your skin tone and which hair styles highlight your best facial features can take a great deal of time and practice, and many may never completely master this.

Everyone occasionally has a difficult time picking out an outfit for an event or deciding which pair of shoes best compliment an ensemble; not to mention tackling the makeup section of your local department or drugstore. This is a perfect opportunity to hire a New York wardrobe consultant. We all need assistance in certain areas of our life professional or otherwise, why not receive the help of a fashion professional? I guarantee you will be happy with the result and will probably even become a repeat client.

Clothes are a very important part of our everyday lives. They often reflect how we feel about ourselves and gives others insight into our personality. What do you think when you see someone dressed in a stylish, well-thought-out outfit vs. someone in an ill fitted, outdated ensemble? First impressions are usually the ones that people remember most, unfortunately sometimes these impressions are formed without ever uttering a word. As unfair as this may seem we can use this to our advantage and use fashion to portray ourselves in the best possible light whether it is a job interview, first date, or drinks with friends. A men's makeover consultant can be a great resource to help you make an outstanding first impression and help you select flattering first date outfits.

We use clothes for a variety of reasons whether its work, play, or everything in between. What do you want your look to say to the world? You wouldn’t want to wear something too revealing to a job interview that might hinder your chances of getting a position that you really want. Selecting outfits appropriate for the activity or event at hand is critical. New York wardrobe consultants can be a great resource in the clothing selection process. They will absolutely point you in the right direction. Whatever the purpose you want your clothes to not only be functional, and reflect your personality, but also make you look your best.

Sometimes when shopping we purchase an item we love but then bring them home and realize that we have nothing in our closet to pair it with and no idea where to wear it. In a situation like this your best bet would be to contact a New York shopping consultant. Even an impulsive purchase can be easily worked into your wardrobe with the help of a professional.

Many people have clothing in their closet that is either too small or too large. If you have recently lost or gained weight it can be difficult to know how to dress your new body. Contact personal shopping services NYC to figure out your new size and what styles look best on your new frame. When you don’t look your best the result is that you usually don’t feel your best. No matter what your size there are fashions out there to flaunt your assets and camouflage the areas you are not so confident about.

It can be difficult for many people to know which current trends will work best on their body shape and frame. Runway pieces sometimes have to be altered for everyday life. Some trends that work well on a smaller frame might not compliment the frame of a plus size person. A professional fashion expert at personal styling services NYC will walk you through the process of shopping for your particular body shape whether you are pear-shaped, plus size or have a boyish figure. They will teach you how to choose items that will help you stand out for all the right reasons.

Knowing how to accessorize an outfit is nothing short of an art form; get assistance from a knowledgeable New York shopping consultant. Deciding which accessories compliment your ensemble and mixing statement pieces with more tame pieces can be easier said than done. The key when accessorizing is to use accessories to add a cohesive feel between your outfit and your accessories without looking to overdone and gaudy.

There are a countless number of reasons to hire a wardrobe consultant whether you need a whole wardrobe makeover; help choosing the perfect outfit for a special event or you need help deciphering which colors work best for you based on your skin tone and coloring. Get help from an expert call a New York wardrobe consultant today.


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