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How to determine if you need a Personal Shopper

Erika chloe, personal shopper and image consultant helps a client define her indivudal style
Erika chloe, personal shopper and image consultant helps a client define her indivudal style
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How many mornings have you stood staring into your jam-packed New York closet, arms crossed, face frowning, just waiting for the perfect outfit to jump out at you? The minutes pass, your frustration builds, you're late for work and you're still in your pajamas? How many times have you turned your closet upside down, sifting through tops and bottoms to find the perfect outfit that will compliment your evening? An hour passes and your still trying clothes on, to your surprise that perfect dress you wore last year doesn’t fit anymore and all your pants have seemingly shrunk… ... “You have nothing to wear!”

Most New Yorkers can pull an outfit together at the drop of a dime. There are so many boutiques, small retail stores and little shops all over the city so the options are endless. Most women have plenty of things they could wear, but for a number of reasons, wind up wearing the same 15% of items located in their closet. The rest of the clothes sit in the closet taking up space creating the illusion that you have plenty of clothing options. Most of these items were impulsive purchases, out of style, in poor condition or they simply have been worn down to the last thread! If you are like me and live in New York, your entire wardrobe is black and blends together making it very difficult to find anything at all! New York fashion consultant and personal shopper, Erika Chloe seems to think these daily pronouncements can translate into several things. So, before you cry off your freshly-applied mascara and leave for work in a belted, potato sack… try Erika’s expert tips on for size and for god’s sake, put on clothes!

  • “I can't find anything to wear!” Translation - I need to clean-out my closet! Get to the bottom of things and rediscover the clothes you already have. New York fashion consultant, Erika Chloe says the first step is to get all of your summer clothes together and make one big pile! Do a wardrobe evaluation by going through each item separately giving it a proper and brief analysis. If you haven't worn an item in over a year-discard it! Also, if a garment has holes or stains - it is trash, not vintage. Anything that has faded over time is not pastel, it’s discolored and should be discarded as well. Be sure to try stuff on and check the fit. You would be surprised at how many people hang onto garments that are a size too big or several sizes too small. Ideally if you keep things in your closet that don’t fit today but may fit 6 months down the road, what the heck are you supposed to wear now? Your closet should be full of endless clothing combinations and clothes that fit your properly! Take all of your discarded items and donate them to a local shelter.
  • “Nothing goes together!” Translation – I need to get organized! There’s nothing more asinine then opening your closet in the middle of summer to find cashmere sweaters and winter snow boots! Your closet should only house appropriate clothing for the current season; everything else should be stored appropriately. It’s easier to see what available inventory can be used when planning or selecting an outfit without the clutter of out of season items. When your closet is organized for the season at hand it is easier to see what your wardrobe may be missing and make note of some things you will need for the season. A fashion consultant, image consultant or personal shopper can help you maximize your current wardrobe by creating new outfits from the garments you already own. They can also help you determine what is worth keeping and what should be tossed in the event you are undecided or attached to any items. It is easy for a fashion consultant to see any gaps you may have in your wardrobe and make recommendations about what to shop for. Sometimes people need assistance with shopping for everything from the basics, (a little boring, but a necessity in building a great wardrobe) to amazing shoes and accessories that make your clothing come to life with personality!
  • “I’ve had this since college.” Translation – I Need to Update my Wardrobe! Invest more money into quality basic pieces that include black pants, a pair of jeans (dark denim) and a sexy top. Unfortunately, budgets have a natural ability to regulate our clothing choices. Shopping on a budget can be a lot of work. In order to maximize your investments and get the most “bang for your buck,” buy simple basics that will compliment your current wardrobe and use color for accents. Be sure to update old styles with trendy accessories or a new pair of shoes for the season. When you wear old items, it can sometime look outdated. When you look outdated, you lose credibility as reliable source. Don’t buy anything too trendy or you'll want to replace it next year. With accessories, have fun buying trendy items to spice up your overall look.
  • “I look like my mother in that.” Translation – I need to develop my personal style! One of the most important parts of this process is making sure you feel like YOU. Before shopping, a fashion consultant should conduct research that includes finding specific stores, silhouettes and styles that are suited for your shape. Fashion is an avenue of self-expression or not association. It's most important to find quality clothing that has a balance of season-appropriate fabrics, details and colors that are figure-flattering and complimentary. When you find this perfect combination your eyes will sparkle... and maybe you will cry your mascara off again. This time with delight! Make sure your fashion choices are relevant. Don’t feel obligated to hang onto items that were given to you as gifts. We all have that shirt or scarf from our sister or mother in law that just sits in the back of the closet for no apparent reason.

New York City shopping has a lot perks when it comes to options and buying a new wardrobe or buying a few pieces to update your existing wardrobe. If you've been searching high and low for that perfect something, chances are you'll be able to find 10 of them in New York! Shopping in NYC is unlike shopping in any other city because of the selection and variety. New York offers well known department stores that cover several city blocks and beautiful boutiques tucked under the trees in SoHo.

New York City is the heart of nearly every industry in our nation and most certainly the fashion industry. People come to NYC with hope and aspiration to achieve goals. A New York image consultant or personals hopper can help you navigate the choices to find brands and garments that are best suited for your body structure, weight placement, lifestyle and personality. There is wide sense of diversity in NYC, people from every background help to create unique style that can be seen on every street. Eventually, everyone comes together to inspire one another. A fashion consultant is a great way to brand your person and create your own individual NYC style. When selecting a fashion or image consultant, be sure to choose one that understands your needs and the dynamics of your body.

A professional fashion consultant should have a great level experience in the industry. This will include a degree in a fashion related field such as: fashion design, fashion merchandising, patternmaking, textile design, or fabric styling. New York is home to the notorious garment district that supplies jobs to many fashion related careers. A professional fashion consultant or image consultant should have a resume full of plentiful jobs in or out of the garment district. Avoid ‘self proclaimed’ fashion consultants, personal shoppers or image consultants because chances are they have no experience. There’s nothing worse than going to someone whom you considered an expert only to receive bad advice. This could be a disaster! New York is also home to many fashion publications. An experienced fashion consultant may have some editorial experience in styling fashion photo shoots. Either way, make sure you inquire about the consultant’s background to ensure a successful experience!

If you live in New York, then image is everything. Projecting a positive image is crucial step to self improvement. Companies like My Image Expert offer several services to help you manage your image and wardrobe. A fashion consultant is a great accessory to have in New York. With some additional help from a personal shopper, you can turn your closet into a functioning wardrobe, shop for new items, and learn what clothing styles will flatter your figure. Part of the process may involve a beauty makeover or a day at the Men’s spa getting grooming tips. Not such a bad idea when all you have to do is show up to be prepared to look amazing.


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