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How to determine a Best Offer price on a sold eBay item

Successful eBay sellers know how to research pricing.
Successful eBay sellers know how to research pricing.

Successful eBay sellers spend a great deal of time researching sold listings so they can determine how to price their items. eBay has evolved quite a bit over the last few years and offers many listing types including auction, auction with buy it now, fixed price, and fixed price with Best Offer. More and more sellers are using the Best Offer feature to give buyers bargaining power, and ultimately sell more items.

Unfortunately, in the sold listings search results, items sold on Best Offer do not display a price. Some sellers click away out of frustration and move along in their research. It is possible to find the actual sold price by digging a little deeper.

Here are the steps:

Go to the actual sold listing.
Scroll down to where the item number is displayed.
Just above the item number, you'll see "print."
Click on print.
You'll get a page with the actual selling price.
No need to print the page.

Understanding this research technique can help sellers assess the true value of an item sold on Best Offer and price their items to more effectively make sales.

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