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How to destroy Italy - Come distruggere l'Italia

If any of my friends out there are interested in destroying Italy - then read on. Do you hate Italian food and Italian restaurants? How about the removal of all of the beautiful things that Italy has provided to the world.

MIAMI BEACH, FL: Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil on display at Ciao Chow! An Italian Brunch With Giada De Laurentiis during the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival at Soho Beach House.
Photo by Manny Hernandez

Such as:

1. Italian Olive Oil.

2. Authentic Italian cheeses that you have heard of like Parmesan, Romano, Ricotta, Mozzarella and so many others made famous by Italians and now sold worldwide.

3. Italian made pasta (Made in Italy).

4. Italian Spumoni and Gelato (Product of Italy).

5. Italian San Marzano tomatoes specifically grown near Vesuvius with the lava in the soil.

6. Pizza created in Italy.

7. The Renaissance.

8. Espresso!

9. How about real Italian wines?

10. The Amalfi coast, Sicily, Venice, Rome, Naples, Turin?

11. Balsamic vinegar from Modena?

12. Prosecco enjoyed as a chilled toast of the bubbly!

13. A slice of Prosciutto?

14. A Maserati or Ferrari or fiat?

15. Michaelangelo, Christopher Columbus or Leonardo da Vinci.

16. Dishes you have heard of amongst the humans like ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs made famous by Italians.

17. People I have cooked for like Sophia Loren, Jon Bon Jovi, Nicholas Cage, Gay Talese and Antonin Scalia.

18. Others like John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), Giovanni da Verrazzano and Marco Polo.

19. Pinocchio, a Harlequin, Federico Fellini, Carlo Ponti, Franco Zeffirelli, Scipio Africanus or Mark Antony.

20. Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Catherine de' Medici (brought us the fork) and so many more...

As an American-Italian and former White House Chef, I can tell you that Italy is under attack from thieves, rip-off artists and scammers. Naturally, they enjoy destroying everything Italy has come to share with you and I - an appreciation for Italian gifts worldwide and most important of all - our food! The fake cheeses with Italian flags on them are only designed to have you and I pay the high price that we associate with ITALY. Yet the product was a knock-off and not real. YAY, who doesn't like being stolen from in America (besides no one). Well, so many of us are sick of it - which is why we teach in our culinary institute every day to thousands of graduates how NOT TO GET RIPPED OFF. The words you are looking for are MADE IN ITALY and PRODUCT OF ITALY as taught to me by so many Mongiello's.

Naturally, Italians have taken steps now, to make it illegal to ruin and destroy their country. Who wouldn't!!!??? We have so much to be thankful for in Italian culture and food. Please, if you decide to purchase real products from Italy and want the very best, don't buy something and get fooled that has the words, IMPORTED FROM ITALY (importato) or AUTHENTIC (sometimes written or printed in Italian to appear real as such AUTENTICO) or PACKED IN ITALY (Confezionato in Italia). Also, be wary of Italian flags on products, signatures of Italians across the product, fake accents from demonstrators pretending to speak broken Italian in booths and other ploys. If you want true, 100% made Italian products then you want to find:

1. Product of Italy


2. Made in Italy

Here is a perfect example of a bottle of Colavita Olive Oil to examine.

The new Mongiello Law has been released for a few years now in Italy and been accepted all over the EU as well. Thanks to the supreme efforts of Senator Colomba Mongiello - we have hopes that the entire Italian economy will not continue to be robbed and destroyed. We need to keep it on earth! As was reported in The Telegraph in the United Kingdom, "Sergio Mei, executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, said their restaurant already uses branded bottles of olive oil, both for cooking and at the table, where smaller-sized bottles are placed as opposed to dispensers. He favours the stricter regulations. "Knowing the exact origin of olive oil being used in the restaurant is an additional guarantee of quality," Mr Mei said. Italy, which produces an average 500,000 tons of olive oil a year (of which 60 per cent is extra virgin) was one of the 15 member states to back the initiative (along with Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Ireland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Malta)."

A very interesting, animated infographic can be found at the New York Times (you have got to see this) right here. It was titled, “Extra Virgin Suicide – The adulteration of Italian oil” People and chefs of the world are free to buy any olive oil they enjoy. It doesn't have to be Italian. Anyone stating that ONLY Italian olive oil is allowed to be used in cookery is a liar - yet no one in Italy is saying that. What they are saying is if you go to purchase and are looking for Italian Olive Oil Made in Italy then to look for those words on the label. Presto!

When I attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, as a student, it was with great anticipation of the opening of the Colavita Center for Italian Food and Wine! It is therefore, the most prized American Italian establishment we can treasure as Chefs. Be sure to take a look and visit if you can sometime soon.

Finally, today I would like to thank ITALY MAGAZINE for their tips on selecting an olive oil - green color doesn't mean its the best...

Until we meet again,

Chef Marti

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