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How to defeat the Golden Paladin in ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2’

The Golden Paladin - a knight of the Brotherhood of Light wearing heavy, winged golden armor - is the first boss battle you will face in “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2”, which was released on February 25. This boss fight is designed to teach you a lot of the basics in the game, such as the various ways of dodging and how to block effectively.

Between the second and third rounds of the fight, at the top of the siege tower
Between the second and third rounds of the fight, at the top of the siege tower

Like a later fight with Carmilla, this is a three-part battle with different attacks and strategies for each portion.

For the first portion of the fight, the Golden Paladin fights you up-close using his swords. His normal attacks are able to be blocked. The charge he does when he crosses his arms and flashes red is unblockable and must be dodged to the side of. He also does a cone of seismic activity toward Dracula which can be dodged to the side of. When the Golden Paladin crunches his body up, screams and glows a golden color, move back as he’s about to release a big blast of energy all around him.

During the second part of the fight, the Golden Paladin chases Dracula along the Brotherhood of Light siege tower. He will fire arrows at you as you climb up the geared tower. A marker will be shown where the Golden Paladin is aiming, so you have time to get out of the range of the mark.

The third part of the fight occurs after the siege tower has fallen. The Golden Paladin will throw his swords at you. Jump over horizontal throws and dodge to the side of vertical throws. When he puts up his defenses, just keep attacking until you break through it. When his health bar reaches the bottom, his helmet will break off. He will also draw his bow and fire up into the air; three arrows will come down on you from this attack, but they form a golden mark on the ground where they will land, so just move out of the way like during the second part.