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How to decorate for the holidays using sea shells

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Whether you live by the sea or are land bound, holiday home décor can be enhanced by incorporating sea shells. Holiday decorating is so easy when using sea shells and there are really simple holiday crafts and décor that can be produced using a few craft items and shells.

Here you will find 5 holiday home décor ideas that can be produced using seashells, each holiday craft is really economical and easy to make while giving the effect of the relaxed atmosphere of the ocean.

Seashell wreath

Purchase a simple moss wreath from your local craft store or large discount store and hot glue sea shells all over the moss wreath, making sure to layer the shells and cover the moss completely. Then add small glittery craft beads in holiday colors by gluing the beads in between the shells in a random fashion. Add a wire to the back of the moss wreath and the seashell craft is ready to display.

Shell soap holder

If you are looking for a festive and economical way to hold holiday soaps, try a simple abalone shell that can be purchased at many large retail discount stores and place it on a counter along with holiday soaps cradled in the shell. This simple and lovely sea shell ready adds charm to holiday decorating.

Seashell photo frames

Use photo frames already in the home or purchase photo frames new, the frames that have a flat surface work best for this holiday craft project although any kind of photo frame will suffice. Simply glue a variety of small seashells onto a photo frame either covering the entire frame or allowing the frame to show through in between the shells, a hot glue gun works best with this project. This holiday craft is really forgiving as it looks good no matter how the shells are placed on the photo frame. Gluing very small floral poinsettia flowers onto the frame in between the shells gives the photo frame a fun holiday feel and photo frames make great gifts.

Sea shell garland

Purchase a large bag of sea shells and drill a small hole at the top of each shell, run twine through each shell hole. To hold the shell in place make sure to place a knot in the twine, pull the shell on the twine until it is up against the knot and then place another knot on the other side of the shell, the knots on each side of the shell will hold the shell in place. Tie loops at each end of the twine once the desired length is achieved and hang to display.

Starfish display

Purchase large white finger starfish or regular starfish and paint white, place starfish on a shelf and against the wall, purchase iridescent garland and drape the garland around the white starfish. This simple home holiday décor make a great impact and look likes expensive holiday decorations that are actually really economical.

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