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How to decide which sports your kid should play

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There is no doubt that sports are excellent activities for your child to be in; not only does being on a sports team teach about working together and getting along, it is also physically beneficial for a kid to get exercise through sports activities.

The dilemma may come as to the decisions of when and what sports to enroll your child in, there are many factors to consider as to what age to enroll a child in sports and then the specific sports you want your child to be involved in.

Here you will find 3 important factors to consider when signing up your kid on a sports team.

Maturity of the child

Children mature at different ages and deciding when to sign your child up for a sports team will be at your discretion as a parent in regards to the maturity level of your own child. Through my profession as a teacher and having witnessed kids as young as kindergarten enroll in sports, I personally think then when kids start school, it is a good time to enroll them in sports. While I think it is perfectly fine to enroll kids anytime later in life, I believe that starting kids in sports before kindergarten is not always appropriate as some children are not developmentally ready, although again it does depend on the maturity level of the child.

Choose the appropriate sport

Finding the appropriate sport for your child may take some time and a few years, some children perform the best when their effort is focused on a team effort while some kids perform better when their effort is focused on how they do individually. Every person is different and there is no right or wrong way to be, the important aspect is finding a sport that is best suited for your kid.

How much time does your family have

Time commitment can be a huge factor when it comes to sports, knowing the amount of time your family has to devote to the sport will also determine which sport is most appropriate for your kid. If you do not have a lot of time as a family, do not choose a sport that has practice sessions every day and games on the weekend. If you do have a lot of time as a family and are willing to put in the effort, a sport that you need to be highly devoted to may be the perfect fit.