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How to decide on your logo?

When you decide that you are going to have a need for a personal brand the next step is to decide on the image for your brand. The logo is the image or graphic that will be on everything print and digital that will represent you and/or your business professionally. There are many questions that need to be answered to make sure you have the right logo for you and/or your business but we will group them into three main categories.

Function - The first step you need to address when choosing a logo is function. How will this image or graphic serve you and/or your business? How will this image or graphic represent you and/or your business? Will a image or a graphic be more beneficial to your brand as a whole. Is your brand single or multi faceted?

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you even design your logo of your brand. If you have just one business it will less complex than if you have different businesses but the decision ends with the same results. Make a list of how you need your logo to represent your brand. Once the list is done than you can move on to the design.

Design Quality - The next step you need to address when choosing a logo is design. What will the logo look like? What color will the logo be? Will it be a picture or a graphic? How many logos do you need? Is the logo high quality and high resolution?

These are a few questions you need to ask yourself about the design of the logo. If you plan to have different businesses I would recommend having a main logo for you and then separate logos for the businesses. This will give a sense of cohesion while given each business has their own identity. Make sure that the pictures that you use are professional and the graphics are high resolution. Make the sacrifice for quality when it comes to your brand because when people think of you they should think quality. Remember you are what you put out to the world.

Testing - The final step you need to address is testing the logo. Find a focus group to give you feedback on your logo. Make sure that the feedback you receive is in line with what you want to achieve. If not, make the corrections until the final product represents your brand to the fullest.

Once you have the final logo it is now time to add it to your print and online projects, such as: websites, letterhead, cards, etc. This way when people see your work everyone will know it is you and/or your business. If your brand is waiting to be defined, start the process of creating your logo today.

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