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How to deal with your negative emotions


"Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you're doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you," as said by Joel Osteen. Emotions are one of the many topics that make us human. Keep that in mind. The next time the news refers to someone as a psycho/sociopath, a person with diminished empathy and an abnormal rationale, they are often called monsters not people.

Feeling is part of life. With feelings come emotion, which is where people become lost. That's why there are therapist and psychologist in the world because people don't understand emotions. This is where most feelings get hurt, at a state of misunderstanding. People have a difficult time understanding the emotions of others and even of the self. You cannot control how people act, you can control how you re-act.

If you have been hurt, which is very common, you may be left with residual negative emotions. Sometimes you cannot shake off what someone did or said to you. When this happens you start to develop a void, which is where most people do the wrong thing. Most people try to fill this void with abusive substances, behavior and relationships. To read more about this theory please click here.

Congratulations, you are choosing the higher path. You have taken the hardest and the first step towards healing. Now that you have taken this step, go further. Think about what you are feeling. Are you feeling hurt, angry, or abandon? Do you believe you have been treated unfairly by some other person or by which ever deity that guides your life? Write down exactly how you feel. Some people never sit down and think about how they feel, which leads to a confused and deeper void.

Now that you have your emotions, determine which ones are negative emotions. Negative emotions are any emotions or feelings that cause you or the ones around you deviance. In sociology, deviance describes actions or behaviors that violate social norms. Which of these emotions are doing this for you? It is possible to be happy and depressed at the same time. That is normal. What is abnormal is when you feel ashamed that you are enjoying yourself today, while having a diagnoses of depression. Never be ashamed of how you feel. Instead, try to understand them.

The following suggestions will be how to deal with said negative emotions. The most important tip is to tell the person or people that have caused you pain, that they hurt you. Surprisingly some people may not know they were hurtful or rude. You have to keep in mind, humans are creatures of habit. If a person was brought up in a community or environment where calling people out of their names, being unreliable with plans, and having little manners, was acceptable they most likely do not know that they are doing anything wrong. Speak up and tell them what they did wrong and how you feel.

If you still can't shake off this negativity then share your story. Write about it. Many authors reveal themselves and others in their work. Keep in mind the laws of your state and country but write about your pain. Create these hurtful people into characters for your fiction novel. Write a blog about how you're feeling. You can also use the wisdom you've gained from you experience to write for the Examiner (wink,wink). For an example of this click here. If someone hurt you, write about it, they should have acted kinder.

Finding a hobby is a great way to release that hurt deep down inside. Turn you pain into passion. In Greek mythology the legend of Orpheus comes to mind. Orpheus was a poet and musician that was said to have made music so beautiful he charmed Hades , god of the underworld, when he retrieved his wife Eurydice. When Eurydice was taken to the Underworld, Orpheus created the most charming music that was said could move rocks. Needless to say, he became extremely popular. When Orpheus went to the Underworld he persuaded Hades to allow him to retrieve his wife, under one condition. He was to trust that his wife was behind him as he left, and could not turn around or else she was never leave. Right before Orpheus was out of the Underworld he turned around. His reason was never explained. Could it have been, he could not wait to see her or was is because in her absence he created the most beautiful music?

Success is the best revenge. If you really want to get back at someone or rid yourself of pain, become successful. Become your version of successful. For some people it's having material or perishable items such as aesthetics, money or false power. Search for a deeper version of success and you'll always win.

You are not your emotions.

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