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How To Deal With Temptation In Relationships, Health & Life!

The Big, Looming T Word ... Temptation! How do you deal with it and come out a winner?

You ride out the wave. Sounds simple, right? Well, it requires patience, acceptance and a desire to succeed. Let's face it, temptation is something we all face, no matter what our goals are--to meet and marry Mr. Right, to lose those last pesky 10 pounds, to start our own business, or even just to control our temper and our negative emotions!

When we succumb to temptation one, two, three times or more, we become very susceptible to forming bad habits, which can curtail our success. Repeating negative behaviors establishes neural pathways in our brain over time making it harder to stop our bad habits! It's like driving through the same dirt road to get to work each day. After a while, grooves begin to form in the dirt making our path established. That's why we want to be sure we establish good habits that sustain us and help us to succeed.

How do we stop temptation right in its tracks?

Well, let's say you are about to go in for that kiss with your coworker who's been flirting with you for months (and you're already in a relationship), or maybe you're about to call your boyfriend for the 20th time in a row because he's not picking up (something we are all guilty of--serial calling! Yikes!), or maybe you're eying that delicious cake when you should be munching on apples and carrots instead--how do you stop yourself before you create more damage than the pleasure is worth? In all these cases, you ride out the urge and go do something else. Again, it sounds simple, but it is NOT. It is the cure!

You must accept your craving or your state of mind that is causing you to become tempted, you must acknowledge it (by saying to yourself "I feel like x. This is what I feel like doing right now." Try not to judge yourself as being "bad," just accept what you are feeling at the moment) and ... drum roll please ... ride the wave! It's hard to do, but it can be done. It is THE CURE. This means you GO do ANYTHING else--go for a workout, call a friend, cook a delicious meal, take a bubble bath, ride it out and go do something else and keep on doing it, keeping busy, until your craving, temptation or destructive state of mind has subsided. Keep in mind, the temptation will come again, but you must rinse and repeat! Take a deep breathe, accept your state of mind, and Go Do Something Else.

It's similar to a wave, it comes and there's no way to stop it, but then it subsides. Your temptation will subside but you need to give it TIME. You need to slow down, go do something else and let enough time pass until you are no longer in the grips of desire (for whatever it is you want)! If you meditate and watch your breath, you'll find that temptation can be similar to your breath. Every time you have a craving it will rise (like your breath), but then fall (at the end of your breath). It is the same with everything in life. Just as your breath rises, you may be making lots of money, happy in love, successful in your relationships, etc. but then comes a time when things slow down, level out, take a dip, just like at the end of your breath. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just life.

Whatever comes up, must come down. It's how we deal with these "down" times that determines when we will rise again!

They key to overriding temptation is that you must go DO something else. Overtime your temptations do subside. Don't beat yourself up if you fail repeatedly. It's a part of the process. Brush it off, get back up and keep going until you reach success. Believe in a better day tomorrow, have hope for a better future, never let that hope leave your heart. Because as the breath rises again, so will you!

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