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How to overcome negative energy to accomplish your goals

There is more that goes on to performing at a high level than meets the eye. You can be talented, bright, hard working, and practice until mastery all you want, but the true difference maker to success when it comes down to it is how you deal with negative energy.

Prior to a Super Bowl or any major sports events, there is always a ton of media coverage surrounding the athletes, and not all of it is positive. Though they've practiced all week and have superior talent and ability, one toxic thought or insinuation can lead to a distraction or dissension of the unit. Like a cancer, it can spread through the thoughts and minds of the athletes and into the locker room. This can turn a confident team or individual performer into a distracted mess causing difficulty to focus.

Because of this, coaches of the past have regulated media time and even closed it off all together in some cases. This reveals just how important it is to protect the mind from any negative distractions to perform at one's best and highest potential. This is just one example.

Another classic example applies to the area of fitness and life goals and potential. Though most people will not admit it, the truth and reality is that negative energy, thoughts, and people can and do have the power to literally destroy one's ability to reach their goal and potential.

This is so true that many people have a hard time admitting it, but any athlete that has ever had to perform in the clutch will be the first to tell you how real it is. A simple thought inserted into one's psyche such as, "You can't do it," or "That's impossible," or "You aren't good enough," "It's not worth it," or any related phrases along those lines can and often does distract, inhibit, and destroy one's ability to win. Negative thoughts such as these penetrate deep within to the subconscious of one's psyche, and they create a sense of doubt and distract often.

Other forms of negative energy can be just in the form of a mere "presence" of a negative thing. This can be negative music, a negative person, or a negative object. There have been many cases in which an athlete or performer of any such kind has failed to accomplish the goal at hand just because someone or something was present at the time that created negative thoughts and dislodged their ability to concentrate and think positive in the moment they had to.

If you are going to reach your fitness goals, fulfill your destiny, accomplish your highest goals and dreams and aspirations, you are going to have to overcome a lot of negative energy.

Here's how:

1. Consider the Source: Usually, the person or people creating the negative energy are not qualified, to say the least. If they were qualified and had their own share of success, then they wouldn't insert negative energy into your life. Or, if they have experience in success in the area you are aspiring, and they still act negatively toward you, consider the fact that maybe they find you a threat to them, like perhaps you are better than them at the goal, job, or task you are performing at.

Once you consider the source, you will often see just how non credible and unqualified the source of the negativity really is. In most cases, those who inject negative thoughts and energy into your life are people who are not only insecure and unfulfilled with themselves, but also people that have not truly achieved anything worthwhile to themselves in their lives. Realizing this alone can help you to brush it off and refocus and concentrate on what's important and accomplish it.

2. "Zone Out": All great performers in history have had an uncanny ability to enter a "zone". This zone is clearly one full of positive thoughts, energy, and concentration. Rather than give into negative thoughts that are trying to penetrate, they elevate into another zone of absolute confidence and focus and belief.

Many great works of art like books, movies, and inventions are the byproduct of an individual or group of individuals who were able to focus at an extremely high level at the task they are working on to the point they've achieved magnificent feats. The same goes for athletes who in clutch games and situations have somehow been able to almost literally rise above, or transcend, the distractions, almost like operating in a different world. This is commonly known to sports psychologists as "the zone".

Did you ever hear of a basketball player who sank 10 3-pointers in a row in the clutch, or a quarterback who didn't miss a pass in a clutch situation in a big game, even though many throws were "impossible"? How about a baseball player who goes 5 for 5 with 2 home runs, a double, and 9 runs batted in in a big important game, despite the rest of his teammates barely getting a hit, and many of the pitches he hits are out of the strike zone or perfect pitches by the pitcher?

The same idea holds true in any field- how about the business guy who closes the deal of a lifetime at the last minute, with reality being if it wasn't that minute in hindsight, it would have never happened? Or the salesman who closes 8 deals on the last day of the pay period and as a result gets the big promotion?

In the gym, it can be the same as well. The aspiring bodybuilder or exerciser, who focuses and "turns it up a notch" to get 4 more clean reps of a weight he never ever lifted before that triggers real strength and muscle growth, or the person who never ran more than 3 miles and suddenly gets on some sort of motivational "runner's high" to carry through to 6 miles, which contributes to weight loss, confidence, and improved capacity and future habits.

All of these are brought about by one's ability to block out all negative distractions at the moment of performance.

The key to utilizing this strategy is to build intensity. You have to want your goal bad enough that you literally zone out of all negative thinking to perform at your maximum potential. You must be able to use imagery that propels you to execute against all negative forces present. But you must also be able to simultaneously relax at the confidence that you will succeed.

3. Only Focus on Positive Things on the Day Before and of Performance: The day of your performance, not only must you block out and avoid all negative things and energy, you must also put yourself around only positive things and energy. Some people pray, others meditate, others pick a hotel room or room in their house with a "good view". It could be on the waterfront, at the beach, or consist of beautiful, inspirational paintings that give off good vibes. In other words, they access, or create, a situation or environment, that only inspires and creates positive energy.

If you ever walked into a truly great business person's office, you will often see great paintings on the wall, or a great view outside the window. You will also see great books on the shelf that are full of wisdom and positive messages that enhance performance. And likely, there will be inspirational quotes mixed in there or hanging up somewhere that inspire positive thinking and performance- a winner's mentality.

4. Leave the Past Behind: Only live in the moment- what happened yesterday has no bearing on today, unless you let it. You may have had a bad day or a bad performance yesterday, but when you really think about it, it has no bearing on today. The only thing that is "real" right now is this moment. Then the next moment. The future isn't real yet- it is something you create in the present- here and now.

Now is the only real thing and if you can package together numbers one to three, combined with this one, you will be able to harness your concentration and focus to be the best you can be, avoid distractions and negative thoughts, and perform at the greatest levels you are possibly capable of to realize your goals and personal potential. No matter what.

5. Positive Energy: Essentially, the only way to destroy negative energy is with positive energy. This could be expressed in the form of optimism, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, or aggressive, productive action that moves you toward your goal. Though negative energy may still be operating and be trying to block your positive energy from progress, it is truly and essentially the best way to overcome negative energy and succeed. Stay Positive.

Check out the video for some powerful inspiration.

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