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How to deal with getting hit on when your married


 Did they not see my ring? This being one of the main questions that come to mind when you find yourself in a conversation filled with lots of flirtatious remarks . So here' s the thing, you can't always assume that the predator sees your ring.  Although it may be glamorous or if your a man quite chic this doesn't mean that its going to catch the eye of your consumer. As a matter of a fact the only thing that caught this person's eye was you, and thats precisely why your standing here right now in harmless conversation,right? Wrong!  So before you know it your exchanging numbers with this person for a business ordeal thats only going to end in a question presumably asking yours truly on a date. Be more careful! 

  1. Follow your intuition: Nine times out of ten if you caught this person's eye from across the room its not your work ethic their interested in.
  2. Obey the 60 second cut off: If this conversationalist cannot give you a valid explanation of why they are approaching you in less than a minute then its probably not worth you latching on to the hook their using to real you in.
  3. Non-verbal conversation tells no lies: If your approacher has the body language  that says "I want you" more than likely "they want you" cut it off
  4. Assume that your spouse is standing right next to you: If this conversation with this stranger is not a conversation you would have given your spouse is standing right next to you, don't have it at all
  5. Squash the doubt!: If there is any doubt what so ever that you are married and it is evident "squash the doubt" by clearly stating I'm married!

Other articles on marriage suggest that a good level of "getting hit on" allows your spouse to see the hint of threat therefore cherishing your position a little more. But if not careful this threat can cause a big gap in your connection with your spouse by lowering one or the other's self confidence. 

It can often be very uncomfortable when meeting new people through social networks, jobs, gatherings, and special events that have assumed you obtain the same marital status as themselves. Before you know it your caught up in a conversation with a single person who is very interested in your not so single life. This can lead to plenty of temptation that is often fun to look at but controversial to touch. So why look at all? Being married gives you endless times to look, flirt , engage in meaningful conversation with your spouse. This person being the one you will spend the rest of your life with. So why not let potential attractors be attracted to the essence and beauty of your marriage in its very faithful existence.