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How to deal with feisty competitors today being a true alpha

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Let's face it: competition is real. Anyone who thinks it's not is living in a fantasy land and truly disconnected from reality. If you need proof, just look at the job market. Jobs are hard to come by in today's economy- recent college grads are fighting over the best jobs and experienced baby boomers are still in the market competing for work and jobs with younger generations, as they've held off on retirement with increased costs of living and healthcare.

You will never escape this reality: competition is real and is happening every day. This is obviously true in the bodybuilding world as well, and for that matter, in any sport. Let's face it: every baseball team wants to win the division or the world series and every football team vies to win the Super Bowl.

Every person who decides to get their body in peak condition is in a competition, whether they want to realize it or not. If not competing with anybody else, they're competing with themselves, to try to best their previous mark, previous weight, previous bench press or squat weight, previous rep count, or overall previous “look”.

Obviously, if you are a competitive bodybuilder or figure competitor, you are competing for trophies, prize money, and sponsorships. If you are not competing in amateur or professional competitions, you might be competing with friends, coworkers, colleagues, or other gym members as to who has the best body or overall physique. This can be a nice friendly competition as it challenges everyone to exercise harder and get in shape, and thus improve their health and overall quality of life.

We live in a very competitive world. Competitive can become twice as difficult if you are an alpha. Alphas are always under fire and strong competition. Everyone wants to beat the best or bring down the best. Ask any professional sports team that won the previous year's Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, World Cup, or Stanley Cup and they will tell you that even the smaller teams play them tougher the following year. It's just human nature. Everyone wants to beat the champ or beat the top dog.

I was a superstar baseball player all throughout my youth, teenage years, and high school years. To put it simply, I was the best all around player on my team, in my area, region, and arguably state. Whenever there was an award to be won, like Most Valuable Player, I would win. Whenever a big hit was needed to win the game or advance in a tournament, I would deliver. While my ability to perform won me a lot of accolades, respect, recognition, and trophies, it also won me a lot of enemies and jealousy.

Then came my early bodybuilding years as I began to model and train people during college. Of all my peers and friends, as well as the mass quantity of people who worked out in the gyms I trained at, I had the best overall aesthetic physique. Again, this gained me a lot of respect, recognition, and clients, but it also garnered a lot of hate, jealousy, and envy.

I landed my first corporate management job soon after, another new arena. Once again, of all the staff, managers, coworkers, and aspiring people looking for top dollar and promotion, I outworked, outsold, and outperformed them, gaining me rapid promotion, a higher salary, and favor from my superiors. Again, plenty of recognition, plenty of achievement, plenty of respect, but lots of envy and jealousy. I became one of the top manager in sales in my region, eventually in the country, and many of my coworkers couldn't stand how good I was.

This scenario happened numerous time as I traveled on business. I would always have the most clients, generate the highest revenue, and stay in elite physical conditioning while doing so. While many people liked it, it did attract a lot of jealousy and animosity.

This type of stuff is very common among true alphas. Now, the reason why I say true alphas is because there are a lot of posers and want to be alpha males that can easily get confused out there in the world-anybody can shoot steroids, cheat in any field, gain power via family inheritance or special connection, blow up, get ripped and cut and muscular and appear to be an alpha. However, if they had to gain that look by cheating or artificially, or through inheritance or special connection, then they are not a true alpha. This is just one example.

Another thing about being a true alpha is that you probably excel in several areas, not only physically, although physical fitness and athletic prowess is in fact one of the truest tell tale signs of being an alpha. You probably are highly intelligent, and when I say highly intelligent, I don't mean just “educated”. Anyone can go to college, get passing grades, and graduate. Just like with natural physical ability, you probably have natural intellectual ability. Just like non alphas need to shoot steroids to get a good body and get a degree to seem smart, true alphas are naturally gifted at areas such as these, and don't need to cheat or get a piece of paper in reality to be smart- they just are.

The same goes with performance at any job or position. A true alpha naturally excels at anything they do or set their mind to, just about. It comes natural to them. If they have a job to do, they do it, do it right, and do it at a very high level. Non alphas have to rely on lesser ways to compete with the alphas just like in sports, in the gym, and in the classroom.

Now this doesn't mean that someone that isn't a true alpha can't become an alpha and it doesn't mean that there aren't some true alphas out there that don't know they're true alphas, they haven't discovered it and applied it to good use yet, it just means that there is a difference.

The point is that today, true alphas need to come together and form an unspoken of but understood alliance in the world. We cannot deny who we are, and let the non alphas continue to use and rely on their trickery, weak psychological attacks, and little nitpicking competitive ways, to thwart us of our potential. The best must rise to become the best, and not let the posers and pretenders take our places by cheating or relying on corrupt less moral ways to get ahead of us.

A true alpha doesn't even compete with non alphas- they are only in competition with themselves to reach their own personal goals. They would rather try to help the non alphas more than anything to reach their own goals too if they could. Whereas, the non alphas only live to compete with the alphas.

Take the New England Patriots, for instance, in their prime. They only had one goal in mind each year- to win the Super Bowl. That was it. Every other team's goal was to beat the Patriots. It would boost their confidence, and make them feel better about themselves, give them bragging rights. But in the end, they were just non alphas. All they could do was bring the alphas down. If anything, the Patriots probably taught the other team's owners how to build a champion caliber squad.

If you're an alpha, in today's world more than ever, you're going to have to deal with a lot of feisty competitors. The key is to not only continue to perform and keep your focus on your goals, and standards at a high level, but also not respond to the thwarting low level tactics and attacks by beta competitors. If someone steals from you, let them. If someone lies about you, let them. If someone maliciously attempts to bring you down, let them. If someone is cheating in your industry, sport, or line of work, let them. Don't even bother wasting your energy on the pretenders and posers and cheaters. Be yourself, and keep your integrity, and honor. Don't cheat just to keep up with them because they are and have to.

Remember, the tortoise won the race, and peace is better than glory, which will come eventually, if you are a true alpha. If you're not, then cheat, lie, steal, and attack away. We alphas see you coming before you even made your first move. And if you seemingly beat us, we can see right through the superficial status position or trophy, that was undeserved, and will serve as a front. You can never take the alpha out of a true alpha, but you can take the facade out of a non alpha.

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