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How to deal with a haunting in your home

Many readers over the years have contacted me to ask what they should do to deal with suspected hauntings in their homes. Therefore, I have compiled a detailed list of things you can do if you are dealing with a haunting in your residence. The list should be used as a "to do" list, and actions should be taken in this precise order for the best results.

1. Research the history of your home. This step should be taken first because the more you know about the place in which you live, the more you can do as you move forward. All homes have a story. Some homes have been built on old burial grounds. Some homes were the unfortunate site of a murder, suicide, or other tragedy. The city hall and local library are great places to begin your research. In your town's city hall you may be able to obtain a list of previous owners of your home, tax records, pictures of the property over the years, and even the names of people that have passed away on the property. Some towns do not hold onto documents over 50 years old, and in that case, you may have to do some extra detective work to learn about your property beyond just going to city hall or the library. For example, you may have to ask your neighbors for more information about the neighborhood, the previous owners of your home, or you may decide to go to the local historian in your area.

2. Once you have done as much research as possible, you should compile a list of names of previous owners and search those names on the internet. The internet has an abundant amount of information about people, and you may be surprised to see what's out there. For example, you may find out that the previous owner of your home was a mortician, or a WWI veteran. Information compiled can lead you to search for even more information and this step can take hours, days, weeks, or even months. You can enlist the help of your friends or family to help you search if you want, because research takes time and you will need to read a lot.

3. Type your address into the internet search engine of your choice and search the results for interesting finds. Your address will pop up with any news associated with it. For example, if a body was found on your property in the past, it may show up on the internet. Other news such as a mysterious death or accident on the property may also show up.

4. If through your research you conclude that you know who or what is haunting your home, you should contact your priest, bishop, or clergyman and ask for them to do a house cleansing or home blessing. You will need to make an appointment to have him or her come to bless your home. The church official will most likely sprinkle holy water in each room and recite prayers which will aid in the cleansing process. Your church official can ask the spirit or entity to leave your home. This works most of the time to alleviate problems. If after conducting all the research, you still do not know who or what may be haunting your home, you can contact a psychic or medium and have them come to your residence to assist you. A medium or true psychic will be able to communicate with the spirit or entity and ask it to leave your residence.

5. Bless your home with religious figurines, white candles, and lots of light. Open blinds to let light in and provide good lighting in areas where it is darker in your home. Remove any suspicious artifacts or items left in your home from a previous owner or tenant. You can either have the artifacts researched by a historian or antique specialist, or you may prefer to just throw them away. Make sure the artifacts leave your property entirely. Have a Holy Bible in each bedroom in your home. You may even want to have a Bible in every single room for added holiness and protection from evil.

6. Keep negative energy out of your home. If family or friends are confrontational or nasty to you or your family, do not have them visit you in your home. Arguments, words of despair and discouragement and harsh judgments spoken by others can leave a negative aura in your home. Spirits and entities feed off of negative energy. Avoid watching news reports of negative information and chilling details, whenever possible, but especially prior to going to sleep. People often report the scariest events and dreams occurring after observing or hearing about negative and/or frightening events.

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