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How to date the Guy that Loves You rather than the Guy only for Sex

You meet a guy that seems to have it all - tall, handsome with a decent job. You brag about it to your friends and family, but does he love you? Do you truly know whether he is a good man? Does he really have good values?

Are you dating husband material?
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You need to ask yourself these questions because many guys are flashy, but it’s rare to find a man of depth and substance. Good values and good intentions are what makes a man husband material rather than the multiple guys trying to get into your pants.

We are all human, but you as a woman need to always look at the action of a man you’re dating so you won’t waste time with Mr. Wrong. Your capacity to look out for yourself and value yourself is what makes you beautiful inside and out.

Many women find themselves going out of their kind and sweet character because they end up choosing a flashy guy over a man of depth and substance. A man that loves you is always ready and willing to give to you and you should be ready and willing to receive his love.

If you feel like you need to accept the flashy dude that has no love or respect for you simply because all your friends are married with kids, you’ll find yourself being not only in an unhealthy, non-existing relationship but also a very unhappy relationship.

Here are examples of women that settled for flashy rather than men of depth and substance ( they regret it):

Many women that push themselves into marriage just to meet a benchmark are often unhappy because they settled for cruel and ego-centric men so they could fill the quota of being a woman married by a certain age. Trust me, 5 years from now those same women will be headed for divorce court or struggling to escape emotionally and physically abusive relationships. Take your time, there are good men out there. You just have to be ready and willing to love a decent man when he comes your way. That means no mind games and also no extra baggage. If a flashy dude did you dirty, don’t prepare yourself to be controlling and cruel to the next man… he just might be a man of depth and substance. Look at his actions and the amount effort and time he puts into maintaining a healthy relationship with you. By keeping your eyes and and ears open, you’ll find yourself making better dating choices.

Happy dating! Be claimed. Be respected. Be loved.

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