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How to cure Lindsay Lohan

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I think I've come up with a way to cure Lindsay Lohan of her drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

You know how they tempt contestants on The Biggest Loser with a table full of tasty treats? Why not do the same for Lindsay, now that she's out on bail?

Place a big bowl of cocaine and bottles of Jim Beam, Stoli, Tanquerey, etc. next to it. And play DJ/dance music non-stop. She'll either give in to the overwhelming temptation and set off her druggie bracelet, or dredge up the willpower to resist to avoid going to prison, this time possibly for the long term. Of course, she should have some 24/7 live-in "support" to help her stay away from the hard stuff (meaning nail the bitch's feet and hands to the floor if necessary).

Look, I understand the ongoing struggle of addiction. I've worked at rehab facilities. Anyone who isn't a raging psychotic is considered cooperative and exhibiting good behavior. Plus, she's an ACTRESS. Duh.

But this woman is facing some dire consequences if she doesn't sober up, and needs some tough love, not an early release from rehab because of good behavior, only to immediately resume her hard-partying ways. She's proven that she hasn't beat this thing with rehab. Relapses are common in addictions, and rehab simply isn't the answer in many cases.

Do you agree with my unorthodox approach? Or do you think it's totally nuts?

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