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How to Create an Effective Portfolio for a Successful Presentation

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In your pursuit of new opportunities, sometimes you may have to make effective presentations. An effective presentation will include all of the relevant information and documentation that will impress a potential decision maker. Your goal is to make the prospect believe that they are making the right choice to hire you and nobody else.

What to include in your presentation portfolio will depend on whether it is being delivered in person or delivered electronically. If you are making a presentation in person, you may want to use some type of visual presentation program such as a PowerPoint slide show. This will allow the audience to follow along as you present the other items in the portfolio. Audio or video documentation of your accomplishments can be included in this PowerPoint presentation as well.

You should always include your Brochure if you have one and a Business Card. Prospects can refer to them for information or use the information to contact you after the presentation has ended. Designing an effective brochure is a vitally important aspect of creating your portfolio. It can be the most effective tool that you have available to make an impression on a potential prospect. An effective brochure helps you to stand out from the competition.

An effective brochure must combine 4 vital elements to successfully communicate your message:

• Attractive Images
• Clear Layout
• Simple Folding
• Strong Writing

You should pay careful attention to making sure that you incorporate all of these elements into creating the most effective brochure possible.

Examples of previous work are an essential part of an effective presentation portfolio. Depending on your profession and expertise, you may include such examples as:

• Product Prototypes
• Posters
• Flyers
• Photographs

Documentation of any media coverage that you may have received helps to make a strong presentation. You should include any:

• Book Reviews
• Press Clippings
• Articles Written

Include any radio or television interview recordings in your PowerPoint presentation.

References from previous clients or employers are important to include in your presentation portfolio. References can be in the form of:

• Video Testimonials
• Individual Letters of Reference
• One-Sheet Quotes from Multiple Clients

Effectively incorporating all of these elements into your portfolio will make for a powerful and successful presentation. The portfolio items that you will include in a specific presentation should be tailored to speak to the needs of each different audience. Some items that you may include (such as Curriculum Vitae, Business Financial Information or a Business Plan) will depend on the stage of the decision making process and nature of the presentation. Effectively utilizing the proper portfolio materials, providing strong information and showing a confident appearance should give you a good chance of making a successful presentation.