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How to create a wedding registry guests will stick to

The best wedding registry is one that makes everyone happy

The best wedding registry is one that inspires guests to stick to your list while also making sure both you and your fiancé get wedding gifts that you like. When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to want to plan your dream wedding without considering what your fiancé may have planned for his big day. The same is true when it’s time to make a bridal registry.

While you may have ideas of what your home together should look like, it’s never safe to assume that your future husband has no opinion on the matter. The best wedding registries take into account both people’s wishes as well as what is probable in terms of what guests will buy.

Before you start making a registry, ask your fiancé what types of gifts he hopes to get. While many guys may start thinking in terms of a big screen tv or pool table, you can help him focus on what’s likely by giving him a price range of $20 to $40, or asking him what he’d like to have in a particular room of the house, such as the kitchen. Suggest kitchen appliances or talk about what his favorite meals are so you can help him understand that a particular type of cookware may be necessary to ensure he gets to enjoy his favorites from time to time.

Though he may not care as much about the decor, you can bet he will have strong opinions about what he doesn’t like. For instance, though you may happen to think roosters are adorable, he may not want them staring at him from every canister and placemat in the kitchen. It may be better to discuss what colors make him feel relaxed or happy and go from there.

In regard to inspiring guests to stick to your wedding registry, it’s important to be realistic. Most guests of average income will spend $20 to $30 on a wedding gift. With the exception of parents and grandparents or those elite few who may be used to moving in more wealthy circles, most wedding guests are going to scan the registry for the lowest priced items and work their way up to the limit of their budget.

You may think that registering for glassware at $10 for each piece seems reasonable, but when your guests see that you’re requesting an 8-piece set, that $10 just jumped to $80 plus tax. No one wants to purchase just one or two glasses, so that glassware may be dismissed for something else on the registry.

So, when creating a wedding registry, keep in mind that many guests would rather purchase one moderately priced gift such as a small kitchen appliance, sheet set or nice clock than have to purchase enough towels, glasses, or kitchen gadgets to have a presentable gift.

Likewise, leave off the mops, brooms, toilet brushes and other oddly-shaped and uninspiring gifts. Weddings are beautiful events and guests want to bring something that can be wrapped up in a pretty package.

If this will be the first home for both of you and you truly need everything from cleaning supplies to furniture, consider registering at a store that will also allow you to put gift cards on your wedding registry. Some guests would rather have the ease of simply giving a gift card, so this option makes everyone happy.

Remember, the best wedding registry is one that truly works for everyone. Consider the income levels of the guests you’ll be inviting, what kinds of items people are most likely to buy, what items both you and your fiancé will enjoy and which items would be better purchased with any cash you receive.

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