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How to create a vision when preparing your home for sale

Create a vision when preparing your home for sale
Create a vision when preparing your home for sale
Andi Peto-Selby

The day you make a decision to sell your home is the time to create a vision for the prospective buyer. It is impossible to foresee the wishes and desires of the target market for your house, condo or townhouse. The process will assist in disassociating any emotional attachments by neutralizing the environment for a potential sale.

  • Depersonalize the entire home by pre-move packing. Remove all collections, family photos, specific affiliation items, refrigerator magnets, trinkets, knick knacks, souvenirs and mementos. These items make your home, your home. It will assist a potential buyer to envision their personal belongings displayed if they have a generic environment to work with.
  • Play down your perception of the home’s deficits. If the bathroom remodel did not include a built in ceramic soap holder, remove the soap or hang an organizer over the showerhead. Remove cardboard boxes containing items you are unable to store in a closet, cupboard or display unit. Disorganized and overstuffed storage also displays a lack of space. Your home may not have sufficient storage to meet your needs but may be acceptable to the new homeowner.
  • Remove all extra items from the kitchen counter tops, dressers, vanities, window sills, desks and dining tables. Extra items include personal mail, prescriptions, personal papers, newspapers, personal hygiene items, clothing, work projects, jewelry, wallets and handbags. Securing or removing valuables is important as well as allowing your home buyer to view the available space for their own possessions. Minimal decorator items appropriately placed will enhance the surface appearances.
  • Use of space is integral for meeting a new buyer’s needs. Designate room specific use. Is the garage a storage unit or a space to park vehicles? Create an area for exercise equipment instead of leaving it in the dining or living room.
  • Clean homes sell faster. This cannot be repeated enough. Fresh with sparkle is extremely attractive. Paint, shiny surfaces and removal of stained and soiled objects will leave a positive impression.

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