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How to Create a Stellar Writing Portfolio for Writers

Every writer needs an impressive writing portfolio; this is crucial for an aspiring writer that hopes to land a profession as a copywriter, blogger or general content writer. Producing an awe-inspiring portfolio takes time, though even a beginning writer with zero prior experience can get some content published on small article directory sites and work their way up from there.

Where to Publish Content

Ideally, you want your site published on a variety of sites and preferably to high profile ones. By high profile, this means sites like Huffington Post, Forbes or New York Times. Of course, these aren’t exactly sites that accept any Joe Schmo. You have to start from the bottom, and this list provides a listing of article directories where you can publish content with your own byline. Some of these sites allow you to publish your own content the minute you sign up, while others may require a writing sample. Sure, none of the sites on the list may be household names like Huffington Post, and they may not impress employers looking for talented writers, but they provide a starting point. Remember that employers are going to be requesting for published samples, so it is a heck of a lot better than nothing.

Start Your Own Blog

You can also start your own blog and establish yourself as an authoritative figure on a subject you are knowledgeable in. This can really be to your advantage if you stumble upon an employer looking specifically for a writer in that particular niche area. Furthermore, having your own blog also shows that you are versed in writing, editing, publishing and adding images to a blog. If you manage to get people to actually read and comment on your posts, then that is an added plus because it shows employers that you can create content that generates a readership and a conversation.

As with any other profession, employers hiring a writer is looking for someone with experience, and having a portfolio full of links to published content shows that you have experience both as a writer and researcher.

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