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How To Create A Spacious Hanging Garden In Your Balcony

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No matter what kind of house one is living in, a little bit of green space is always welcome. In fact the more the better is the mantra but in today’s city living very few people can afford an actual garden. But all is not lost. Even an apartment can have its share of green space via a balcony garden.

The concept of having a balcony garden is far from new. That being said, it is extremely relevant to today’s times and with some steps taken towards creating one, a beautiful green environment can be enjoyed in ones’ home.

When it comes to balcony gardens having an all-hanging garden is one option. Especially so, for an apartment that is in a high rise building and the balcony can be seen from down below. Dressing up the balcony is a good way of adding charm to ones home. There are a number of customized balcony door designs to choose from. With the right seating and a hanging garden in there, it can be the perfect space to relax.

Here’s how to start on the garden space:

  • The first thing to do is to assess where and how the plants are going to be hanged. For this, you’ll need to have hooks on the ceiling that are strong enough to carry the weight of the plants.
  • The next step is to decide what is it that you are going to grow. Try and choose a variety of ferns and weeping plants that grow out and fall from the containers to create a hanging effect. Of course what you choose will also depend upon the spot you are going to hang the plant in- is it shady or sunny? Is it too windy? and other similar factors.
  • Selecting the container is the next step. There are options like the older style wire baskets to the modern self-watering options. Plastic baskets are the most popular but you can also choose ceramic and metal. Just make sure there is proper drainage and some of these need to be lined to hold the potting mix.
  • The potting mix you use should allow enough drainage but at the same time should be able to hold enough nutrients and the water required.

Finally once you have all material together, place the plants as you need to and place them in a spot in the balcony that gets enough sun. An option other than the ceiling is also to use the balcony windows at home for hanging the plant baskets.

With a little bit of care and consistency a blooming garden can be created, one that will give you a serene space to call your own.

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