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How to create a peaceful sanctuary for your dog

Adorable Dog beds can be found in many pet stores.
Adorable Dog beds can be found in many pet stores.

A sanctuary is a peaceful place for your dog to relax and drift off into dream land. Your canine friend will truly appreciate this special treatment.

Just like humans, dogs also need their own space. This is even more important as your dog grows older because she is likely to be resting more often.

Most dogs automatically find their favorite spot in the house to take a nap. If your dog does this, use that space to make it all his own, at least for the most part.

If your dog will be sharing a room with another family member, this can work well if that person respects the dog's space within the room.

Paint the room a calming pastel color such as blue, peach, cream, or light yellow. In the past people thought dogs were color blind however new research shows that dogs can actually see color, just not in the same way that we see color. For instance, a dog can clearly see primary color variations of yellow and blue.

Dogs have better night vision as compared to humans, and they also see higher concentrations of rod cells that enable them to see black-and-white more vividly. Rod cells also called rods- are photoreceptor cells inside the retina of the eye.

After you paint the room, buy a dog bed that is actually much larger than your dog. Big dogs also like to feel secure in a snuggly bed rather than hanging over the side while they sleep. Go to your favorite pet store and pick up a large plush bed that is twice the size of your dog.

Once you find the perfect bed, be sure to clean the area very thoroughly for your dog. If your dog likes to camp out in the closet be sure to remove heavy items that may be sitting on the shelf above her. Create a peaceful and safe environment for your dog to sleep.

Lastly, if your dog is very old or about to have puppies, keep her food and water dish close to her bed. Don't allow small children or other pets to play where your dog sleeps.

This area is set aside just for her, and it shouldn't be cluttered with toys or other items. Setting up this area for your beloved companion is one way to show your canine friend that they are a treasured member of the family and not just a dog.


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