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How to Create a Lucrative, Profitable, Fun Business Serving Clients You Love

Client Explosoin, Cash Infustion (TM)
Client Explosoin, Cash Infustion (TM)
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At the beginning of every new year, many women business owners set New Year's resolutions. Even when the year is well underway, goals and resolutions remain a critical requirement for business success.

It's entirely likely, however, that most of those resolutions are personal and not aimed at transforming their business. Even though personal resolutions are important, it's just as important that women business owners set goals and build resolutions for what we want to accomplish professionally.

There are 3 critical factors in building a successful enterprise:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Business systems

Marketing is critical because it helps women business owners attract the right people to your business. With effective marketing strategies, you can establish yourself as the expert in your field, set yourself apart from the competition and build relationships with prospects that make it safe for them to become your customer or client and keep them coming back time and time again.

When you don't market, you miss out on building that know, like and trust factor that are so critical to business growth. Without marketing, you run the risk of never being 'discovered', of being forgotten about or never becoming a trusted advisor.

Sales skills are even more important. Unless you're offering something that is mission-critical or truly unique, you likely will have to engage in sales conversations, discovering needs, matching your offer to prospects' problems and overcoming objections.

One of the major mistakes women business owners make is believing that others buy for the same reason that they do. So when they 'pitch' their offer (if they even get that far), the emphasize features and benefits that are important to them, rather than what their prospects may more likely, be interested in.

Another major mistake is believing that objections mean "No!" rather than "Not yet, I have to solve this particular problem first."

Business systems are critical to business growth. Without systems and processes, even the simplest of tasks can clog up the works and bog down progress. Systems make things easier, repeatable, efficient and scalable. Many women business owners suffer from a Superwoman complex, believing that they should be all things to all people and handle all aspects of their business. They believe no one can work as efficiently or as meticulously as they can.

While that may be true, there are some things that women business owners do not need to attend to. In his book, The e-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber suggested that the business model be operated by people with the lowest possible level of skill required for a particular task. It seems antithetical, but it works.

Design processes and systems for your business and delegate as many roles and tasks as possible once they have been modeled and documented.

These three facets of business, marketing, sales and business systems, once optimized, will create business growth and business success. Click here to take an assessment of your readiness for growth. For additional training on the subject of business growth, click here.

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