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How to create a Jack Frost wedding

Personalized Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frost
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Event tables for weddings can be downtrodden with place settings, fancy napkins, glasses and silverware dressed to kill but may seem a bit formal and stuffy. The theme, however, can really bring a personal touch to the venue and offer guests something talk about. There are many themes and styles that can be used for the winter weddings. From snow flakes, snowmen, mittens and candles; anything is possible to create a delightful, light hearted look. Here are some fun suggestions for a snowman themed winter wedding event.

Jack Frost wedding favors can add a personal and fun look to any event table. These wedding favors can come in many styles such as candle holders, bagged coffee with snowmen featured on the front, ornaments, book markers, tea lights, and many more. Many of these items can be found in white, baby blue, and silver or in the traditional colors such as red, white and green for the holidays.

A creative look for a center piece can be made with ornaments. Ornaments are available with snowman imprints and a combination of colors to high light the color of the wedding party. Shallow clear bowls and tall cylindrical or square vases can be used to place these ornaments in. Plain ornaments can also be personalized with small snowmen decals presenting the newly wedded couple's name and the date of the big day. Not only can these be used as center pieces for the event tables but can be given as wedding favors.

Snowman cakes can be used as the bride's cake or for a groom's cake. Whole Foods Market carries a chocolate iced cake with a white icing skating snowman. This cake comes in two different sizes and is a good alternative for the groom's cake. Whole Foods Market also carries a snow man's "head" cake. It is just the head of a snow man and adorned with the traditional features of a snowman including the scarf. The bride's cake can be embellished with a skating snow couple if this is the theme chosen. If not, the traditional bride and groom topper can be replaced with a snow couple.

Snowmen figurines can be placed on the buffet table. Candy buffets are extremely popular so this can be a table completed with snow men candy. Favor jars, bags and boxes can be used with filled chocolates and candies. To incorporate the snowman theme there are many personalized labels and tags available. Cupcakes and individual snowman wrapped chocolates are also a delectable treat for the buffet. If the wedding is more formal a snowman ice sculpture can also be a focal point in the banquet hall.

Lastly, if the couple is having a wedding in an area that gets a lot of snow a Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frost can be made outside of the entrance of the banquet hall or church. This will set off the theme as the guests arrive for wedding.

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  • Bobbi Leder - Houston Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    I never heard of a candy buffet but I want to attend an event where they have one!

  • F. White 5 years ago

    Great theme would love to see one.

  • Rachel Ellis ~ Jacksonville Celebrity Headlines Ex 5 years ago

    That's a cute theme!

  • Amanda C. Strosahl 5 years ago

    What a fun idea for a wedding.

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