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How to create a garden-themed room

Garden Wall Hanging Brightens Garden-Themed Rooms
Garden Wall Hanging Brightens Garden-Themed Rooms
Quiltsalad / Flickr

If you are like most gardeners your love for growing flowers and veggies doesn’t stay in the garden and it certainly isn’t limited to summer. If you find yourself dreaming of gardening as the snow piles outside, creating a garden-themed room may be just what the doctor ordered.

Furniture: What better way to store your garden furniture than to create a garden retreat inside the home? Set up a reading area in the corner of the room with a garden chair and use that birdbath as a delightful side table, or place a garden bench along the wall and load it up with potted plants. Use the umbrella from your patio set to create an awning for a special group of plants. Suspend a plant light from the center of the umbrella to give the illusion of a sunny day.

Walls: Paint the walls in your garden-themed room a soft green. If you are the artistic type, go ahead and paint rolling hills in the background with bright sky above. Otherwise, try creating the illusion of a chair rail with an inexpensive border and paint everything above the border a soft blue. This gives the illusion of the bright outdoors.

Décor: Bring your garden art inside to brighten your garden-themed room. Plaques, signs and even a section of picket fence add personality to the room. Place picket fence against the walls to create the illusion that the entire room is a garden. Don’t forget to tuck decorative birdhouses on shelves or in corners.

Floors: Green shag carpeting is a natural for garden rooms, but if green is too much for you, choose natural shades of brown or a simulated cobblestone. For a magical touch, add garden pathways from simulated stone. You can also go with neutral flooring and brighten it up with scatter rugs with garden themed images.

Windows: Bright windows let the sunshine in and add to the appeal of a garden-themed room, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect curtains. Consider simple café curtains hung from an old twig for a rod, or go with sheers that allow the sunlight to shine through. According to Moshells, an online interior design store, you will need fabric that measures 2 to 2 ½ times the width of the window for café style curtains and 3 times the width of the window for sheers. Add 4 to 6 inches to the length from the rod to the bottom edge of the window to insure the curtains are the proper length when hemmed.

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