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How to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table in 4 simple steps


Elegant dining table

You’ve planned the perfect meal, invited friends and family, and the house looks gorgeous. So, why does the dining room table look so bare?  Here are some tips on how to make your holiday table shine!

Find fabulous linens

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics!  A coordinated tablecloth and napkins can add elegance and personality to your table.  Have fun with the fabrics you chose and let them be a reflection of you.  For napkins, don’t forget to press them if you just purchased them, and check out for tips on how to fold.

Follow basic table setting etiquette

We could all use a little refresher course on how to set the table.  Don’t worry if you don’t use every piece in your china set, but do see Emily Post’s tips on table setting.

Add a centerpiece

A gorgeous centerpiece can add just the right touch to finish off your table.  For a statement piece, check out Dr. Delphinium on Lover’s Lane in Dallas.  Just remember to search for a centerpiece that works with the size of your table and allows your guests to see each other while you're dining.

Personalize your table with place cards

In the midst of cooking and cleaning, creating place cards may seem like a lot of work.  However, armed with your imagination and a few moments to spare, you can create a truly special place for your guests.  Martha Stewart has several great ideas on Thanksgiving table settings.  Hand written names on a beautiful card stock can really go a long way.

Enjoy your table decorating, and have a great Thanksgiving!