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How to create a beautiful relationship

Are you looking for love and are tired of being single? Do you want to meet someone special? Here are ways how to create a beautiful love life:

1) Change your perspective on love and life in general. Don't go around thinking that all guys are the same. Just because one guy hurt you does not mean the next guy will. Start thinking positive. The law of attraction states like attracts like. If you believe you will find love you will get it. If you don't believe you will find love than you never will get it.

2) Put yourself out there. Go out with your friends or go out in general. Go out where you can meet guys. Sooner or later the right one will come along.

3) Join new activities where you can meet different types of guys. If you find the bar scene isn't working for you than try a hobby that you love. You will find someone with similar interests.

4) Date outside your usual type. Are you always going for the "Guido"? Don't cross a guy off your list because he looks too nice or not what you usually go for. Give a guy a chance, you never know he just could end up being the one.

5) Love yourself. You have heard it many times before. How could you expect someone else to love you, if you don't love you? Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy of finding love. Make a list of all of the wonderful qualities about yourself.

6) Don't lead someone on. If something isn't working end it. You will only hurt the guy's feelings in the long run and you might be missing out on someone amazing.

7) Enjoy yourself. Don't worry that it hasn't happened yet. Enjoy life and enjoy yourself. Guys like girls who are happy.

Love is out there for everyone. It is all about timing. So go out there and have fun and when you least expect it there will be the guy of your dreams.

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