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How to cope with the summer months

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The summer months can present a bit of a challenge for those that are parentless. Whether it is their first summer without one or both of their parents or their third, or even their seventeenth, it can still be challenging to be surrounded with signs of Mother’s and Father’s day all around them.

At first, the parentless may want to just ignore the holiday all together and try to skip past it, simply not just because they don’t want to remember their father or mother, but because they don’t want to be slapped with reality all over again that their parent is no longer here to celebrate with them on this special day. After they try to ignore the holiday, the parentless can then either get agitated or sad because reality sunk in that their parent will indeed not be physically here for the holiday.

Instead of trying to fight May and June for Mother’s and Father’s Day each year, perhaps there is another way to look at it.

Embrace it.

Celebrate as if your mother or father were still here. Do the things that you would already be doing with them if they were still here. Girls, go get a manicure/pedicure/massage if that is what you would be doing with your mother should she still be here today. Boys, go fishing or start a football game if that is what you would be doing with your father should he still be here today. Doing activities that you would have done with your parent keeps their memory alive.

Being around those that knew your mother or father on this day of celebration will also help because then everyone can share stories with you about your parent. You can even go visit them at the cemetery and have lunch as if you were taking them to a restaurant. Looking at photo albums will always help as well just like watching movies that you may have watched with your parent.

Embrace the day and don’t be afraid of it. It is okay to cry while you are remembering your lost parent. Always remember to celebrate as if they were still here.

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