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How to cope with first date jitters

So, you've met someone online and he seems perfect for you.

After you accept his offer for a first date you start worrying. What it he is "The One"? What if you blot it... again? What if he doesn't like the real you?

If you're thinking this, you're not alone. Many women have these thoughts before a first date.

But, what you need to remember is.. they're just thoughts.

If you want to stop worrying about your first date, you need to shift your focus.

Instead of focusing on how wonderful this man is or fantasizing about the life you could have together, think of him as just another date. The easiest way to do that is to make sure he's not the only man you're dating.

When all of your focus is on one date, with one man, you're bound to get anxious. All of your eggs are in that basket.

When you have more than one man you're interested in, it's easier to put each date in perspective. As Greg Behrendt says in the video, make each date a dress rehearsal for another date.

When there are a number of men who may (or may not) be "The One", you can stop worrying about whether one of them does (or does not) like you. Dating more than one man at a time can reduce your anxiety, lessen your need to impress any one man and allow you to see that you have options.

When you feel less stress about a first date, you'll be a better date. And being a better date is the first step in finding the right man for you.

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