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A. Rodgers
A. Rodgers

Let's say that you like to tell your coworkers about how your "boyfriend", Aaron Rodgers, plays some amazing football and how he loves you and you're going to get married some day. Then let's say your coworker reads one of the sources out now that are saying Rodgers is engaged. By sources, I mean pictures of the sparkly item on Rodgers' longtime girlfriend's "I'm taken" finger. What do you do? Do you tell the truth? The truth they already know. Or do you find all the copies of the news stories at your job and tape/glue pictures of yourself over Destiny Newton? I believe the latter to be the most convincing way to trick people into believing the truth that's untrue but should be believed for believing's sake. It's not a trick if it's real for you, right?

While it could feel trashy and paparazzi-like to gossip about his love life, it is something that many Rodgers loving people get that twinge of jealousy about and should, therefore, be further discussed. The funny thing about crushing on a sports star is that they are sportsmen first and crushes second; yet, so many doting fans are either true fans who know stats and what has been going on with the team or are the love-struck fans who pretend to be sports fans in order to keep their street cred whilst loving them some cute, fun-loving guys. Why? Why can't we just love us some Aaron Rodgers as a celebrity?

Something about loving a sportsman and living in the state in which the man plays is cliche. Even the women you know didn't watch football or baseball before Ryan Braun, who is also engaged, and Aaron Rodgers came onto the scene, want to pretend like they respect the men for the work they're doing. Not that they don't appreciate their abilities, but do people really have crushes on Channing Tatum because he can act? No. They crush on him and his saucy dance moves and figure out that even if you want to hate on him, you can't. He makes you want to cry or laugh or love...just like Braun and Rodgers. It's a fascination for the cuties that turns into an appreciation for what it is the cuties' themselves love, because when you love what they love, then you're this much closer to being their BFF/Barbecue Buddy/lover.

Rodgers isn't currently owning up to his engagement which leaves you some precious fantasy time. Instead of simply going to 8-Twelve and imagining running into him.Tell the people you work with that Destiny is a decoy, because who knows what kind of paparazzi would mess with you if they really knew that you were the fiance? See how wonderful this story is? Did I just help you perpetuate a delusion?

You're welcome.


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