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How to coordinate high school graduation open house parties

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Each year high school graduates excitedly host a graduation open house. Their family members travel long distances to be a part of the big event, and students hope their friends stop by as well. All too often, though, graduation parties overlap with each other, causing some students to miss their best friends' celebrations.

Students at Homer High School, located in Homer, Michigan, have developed a tradtion to prevent this situation. About a month prior to graduation, the senior class president begins filling in a calendar, creating an open house schedule. He or she then posts the calendar in the hallway on a bulletin board so seniors can write down their own open house times. Usually students overlap their parties by a few hours so they can still visit a friend's get-together.

Planning open houses with this method saves families money, too. By having their open house schedule posted publicly, students rarely pass out invitations to their friends or teachers. This saves them the cost of buying extra invitations and saves postage. Instead, graduates verbally invite their teachers or friends. If the guest forgets the time, they simply look at the calendar.

When graduation draws near, the calendar is photocopied and distributed to the graduating class. This provides them with a handy reference for planning their own party and for visiting other parties. All in all, this process keeps costs low, helps families plan, and takes the guess work out of choosing the best time for an open house.


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