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How to cool off on a hot day

A long line at Jamba Juice to cool off on a hot day that extended all the way outside to the sidewalk.
Sidney Drabkin

One of the business that many people go to, to cool off on a hot day, is Jamba Juice.

When we visited a Jamba Juice store, there were people inside giving orders for their drink, people sitting inside and outside at tables, and people outside standing drinking what they ordered. The line for orders ran from the counter all the way outside to the sidewalk.

We asked several people why they came to Jamba Juice and their answers were: "When the weather is hot, the only thing that cools me off is one of their drinks."; another person said, "Their drinks are good and you can add an energy boost to them."; and another person said, "I can order cool-grass to drink with my drink."

When we were leaving people in the line were very patient and just waited.

So, it looks like it's the thing to do on a hot day--visit Jamba Juice for a drink to cool off.

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