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How to continue your daunting job search






This is probably the most difficult time to find a job since the 1930s. The number of long-term unemployed is at the highest level since the late 1940s. Likewise, it is extremely important that you keep hope alive and stay motivated during your job search.

© PhotoxpressIt’s important for you to bury your past and move forward. Instead of dwelling on a previous layoff or job-related setback it’s important for you to start over with a clean slate. Employers are looking for optimistic and confident potential employees. Thus, you need to keep a positive mental attitude by focusing on what you can control instead of previous events.

You need to determine what is working and not working during your job search. Too many job seekers rely on advertised jobs which is not the wisest strategy. For the job search strategies that are not working, seek advice from career experts and make the necessary adjustments. Next implement these adjusted strategies and continue to measure your progress. Also leave your comfort zone and try new job search strategies such as networking to uncover hidden job leads.

Finally, remember that this journey will have both ups and downs. As a result, do not allow pessimism to take control of your mental state. On occasions take a time out or break from your search and participate in activities that make you smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Afterwards, return to your job search revitalized and rejuvenated.

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