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How to consume cheap international calling rates when you contact your family

Calling Rates
Calling Rates

Are your loved ones traveling overseas? Or are there educational or job opportunities for you in another country? Well this creates distance between people. Dynamics in the world are constantly changing and economic opportunities all over the world have led to people traveling to different countries for employment and business. Want to stay connected with cheap calling rates wherever you are? Let’s take a look how.

Traveling to other countries obviously means exchanging your currency with theirs. Well that might not go well if you are a third world country like Pakistan. More than 4 million Pakistanis live in other parts of Asia with 2.7 million in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Approximately 2.5 million of Pakistanis are scattered all over Europe with the highest number in England. Others parts of the world constitute for about 3.4 million with 1.6 living in the United States. The ridiculous exchange rates that we have with other countries make the Rupee almost worthless.

Accommodation, travel, food and other necessities consume a lot of resources specially when facing a monetary shortage. And trust me, out of 12 months in a year, 9 pass in difficult circumstances. Studying might not spare enough time to work part-time and earn some extra pennies. The burden that students face makes it impossible to think of taking out time to work for a fast food chain or at a gas pump. Even if you struggle and find such work, the unsociable nature of the job makes it hard to survive long enough. We see countless instances of relatives who return back to the home country when such situation arises. It’s hard for both the family and the individual to recover the money wasted and effort taken for granted by these hardships. The South Asian society is another challenge to face when such failure occurs.
White collar workers who go to developed nations for managerial posts are no different. They earn more but usually they have more responsibilities. Every single reader might have an example in front of them. A relative in the States for example. He has a housewife and two kids who go to school to feed. Well, he sure earns a lot of money right? But inflation in our economy is burying down the advantage of earning in a foreign currency. A person will send a major portion of his/her earning as remittance to the home country and living in another country will be the same. Adding to the above list of expenses that a student has to bear, are taxes. The government will obviously use taxation as a fiscal policy tool to stabilize its home country’s economy. Another burden without question.

Did you notice something? I missed out any form of communication expense above. Know why? How can a person even afford communications with their loved ones when all those burdens persist? A mobile carrier in both our home country and overseas charge humungous amounts of cash and this practice is unacceptable in such conditions. Sometimes weeks pass without communication with loved ones and peers at home. So what’s the solution to this terrible problem? VoIP services which provide cheap international calling rates. Rates which are almost 90 percent less than network providers and landlines. These rates can really help in times of hardships and you can contact wherever you want in extremely low calling rates. Well at least technology has provided us with such amazing call rates as well which can overcome a lot of problems international dialers face.