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How to Conserve Water While Gardening

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Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Its gardening season! Of course, its also drought season. Much of the country is experiencing record-breaking, devastating droughts, and while the Boston area has been largely spared, we still need to do our part to conserve water and be careful of our resource use. Luckily, the northeast is also very fertile, making it one of the best places to grow your own food each summer and fall. It is great to to be outdoors, growing flowers and cultivating your own food. Here are a few quick ways to make your gardening practices water efficient.

1. Do you use a dehumidifier? Use the water the machine collects to hydrate your garden! While dehumidifiers are pretty electricity-intensive, you can reduce your impact by using the water it collects as a mini grey-water system.

2. Collect rain water in a rain barrel for later use in your yard. Purchase rain barrel's online from Boston-based company,

3. Water your garden in the early morning or late evening to prevent excess evaporation. The sunnier it is outside, the less water will be absorbed into the ground.

4. Use an efficient hose attachment, or hose water meter. These tools will help you track your water usage so you can better understand your garden's needs.

5. Plant hardy crops that require less water. One easy way to do this is by planting only crops that are native to New England - these plants are used to this climate and don't require much extra care.

6. Take a bucket in the shower with you to collect water - if its not too soapy, you can use it on your plants!

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