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How to conserve energy with your drapes

A large percentage of the energy we pay for every day seeps out through our windows. The price we pay for a lovely view can be pretty high. If you live in an older home with many older windows you more than likely have a higher heating and cooling bill. Thankfully there are some things we can do to our windows that are both lovely and energy efficient and that is with our drapes and window treatments. Older homes in particular need additional support when it comes to energy efficiency.

Thermal drapes are drapes can be lined with a secondary piece of fabric, or be fused with a thin foam backing. Some are also labeled to be black out drapes which is helpful if you have a room that gets a high degree of southern exposure and this is where either sleep or watch television. These drapes come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from tab tops to grommets,etc.

Additional benefits include the fact that thermal drapes because they are lined, last longer and do not fade as quickly in the sun. They are great for all seasons, providing a cooler room in summer and a warmer room in winter. Other additional ways to save on your energy costs that may be escaping is with insulated blinds and Thermal Roman shades. If you want to keep your existing drapes you can also buy Thermal window liners that will add an additional barrier. This method is in most cases the least expensive.

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