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How to conquer worry

Dale Carnegie
John Kennedy

The focus of this article is about life, about living and the essential methods that can be employed to dispel worry from the worrier. Can it be done? YES IT CAN. Some might say well, easier said then done. If one does not try then I would agree it would be difficult. But we all have that deep deep desire to become something or, someone that will make a difference in society, and the only thing standing in place of that goal is worry -- worry about family, finances, relationships. Some of these worries can run deep. But the necessary step to banish fear from the heart is this first rule of thumb. Don't worry or become despondent. That is the heart of the matter.

Dale Carnegie has written many books about public speaking, relationships and living a fuller more extraordinary life. In his book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Carnegie employs many techniques, rules, and principles intended to free the chronic worrier from the worry habit in order to live a more fuller life. Some of the techniques employed are prayer even though this is not a Christian text. St. Francis is mentioned as well as other Christian ministers. The book is a how-to text for handling worry and deals with many anecdotal stories from those who became despondent and freed themselves from the worry habit. John D. Rockefeller, the leader of the Standard Oil Company, got hit with a case of the worries that threatened his health and his fortune often, over a trifle. It is the last story in the last chapter of the book.

The book is 341 pages in length and deals with breaking the worry habit which includes organizational techniques as well as a chapter on handling criticism. Carnegie lays out rules to guide the reader into a more positive approach which can lead to better health and happiness.

One of the resounding quotes of the book is as follows: "A certain comfortable security, a certain profound inner peace, a kind of happy numbness, soothes the nerves of the human animal when absorbed in its allotted task."

The book is one of many self-help books in the genre. As a side bar, some books are not recommended to help with nervous tension. Carnegie's book, however, is recommended.

It is available from Amazon books by clicking and following this link:

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