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How to collect and use the anniversary quotes on any occasion?

Wedding Quotes
Wedding Quotes

If you are attending some party occasion, or celebrating your anniversary, while giving gifts or expressing your sentiments to your partner, you are looking for the right words which you can say for the occasion. You can use a nice and romantic quotation about the marriage and love on the favors, invitations, say them at the time of the toasts and write them on the greeting cards for the happy couple as the anniversary quotes. Here, in this article, we are giving you some tips about the decision you may make at the right time and sayings.

Some tips about using the right sayings:

  • Find different quotations on old fashioned love with a high tech search engine:

Instead of consulting the old quotation books, you should go online and search for the best anniversary sayings as you will find them easier and faster. Also, you will discover hundreds of the websites which has thousands of romantic words and select the best one which is just right for the occasion.

  • Use the various good keywords to find the best wordings:

While searching for the right wordings, don’t limit your keywords to the anniversary quotes on the search engine. If you are not able to find the right quotation for the occasion, you can try the other keywords such as marriage, wedding and love.

  • Checking the party supply store or the local greeting card store:

You can also browse through various party supplies and the anniversary cards for the best wordings which have been printed on the products for the anniversary quotes. You can easily borrow the words if the sentiments impress or inspire you.

  • Keep notes in a journal or notebooks for using them on appropriate occasions:

Whenever you find a good quote or sayings or poetry verse which inspires and moves you, you can write them down in a journal. You can also copy paste them in a file which you can keep on your computer. When you require them, you can decide to choose them as per the occasion from your own collection.

  • Defining the different occasions:

You can also make up the anniversary quotes as the definition of the one word such as

  • You can define the anniversary as a time to celebrate the gift, the beauty and the blessing of the continuing love.
  • You can also define it as, a celebration of the yesterday’s love which was fulfilled and renewal of tomorrow’s promises.
  • Yet, another definition of anniversary, a wedding can be named as an event, but a marriage should be celebrated as an achievement.
  • A wedding anniversary is celebration of tenacity, tolerance, partnership, trust and love. The order of the qualities can vary from year to year.
  • Focus on the length of the marriage:

You can also approach and focus on the length of the happy marriage as in today’s world, it is a considerable achievement to live together for a long period and these anniversary quotes reflect the sentiments.

  • As Robert Browning said,” Be with me; grow old with me as the best is yet to be”.
  • Year by Year and side by side
  • The quotation of Sir A. Hunt means “He who loves alone is blessed, who loves year by year and loves only one.”
  • As per, Sir Arthur W. Pinero, those people who love other person deeply never ever grows old.
  • Some old saying from the Bible:

If you want to put some spiritual slant at the happy occasion or just want to say some beautiful words, you can check some verses from the Bible which are appropriate as the anniversary quotes.

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